Active Celebration

Active Celebration is the idea of intentional appreciation. It comprises of creation, curation, collaboration, connection, ultimately any action overflowing from our beings which could not contain the wonder and amazement we have over the infinite and eternal.

Of Design & Relationship

Last week in church I shared my take on what it means to make discipleship engaging and empowering. One of the questions I left you with was, 'How did Christ engage with you? How did Christ empower you?'Quite a lot of events happening locally, in our country, and all over the world last week. You'd... Continue Reading →

Day N

Sorry, folks. Well, to whoever’s been following the 30 day log (even if it was just for me, primarily), I’m sorry for keeping you guys hanging. Day 30 has long past, and much has transpired since then. I’m having trouble remembering specifics but I will say that the tendency for me to crash, or to... Continue Reading →

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