So today I've been called to pray over at the dedication of a new business, and then to pray as an opening to a friend's kid's birthday. Being raised Episcopalian and being introduced to the Book of Common Prayer in my earlier days, I guess I thought I'd prepare by way of typing a template... Continue Reading →


Day X+1. Call this a remedial to my April challenge, or I don't know, I'm on a roll. Anyway. I've been listening to The Richest Man In Babylon and one thing stuck. This is a commentary on wisdom which was shared to the 'protagonist', Arkad: “The thoughts of youth ... are bright lights that shine... Continue Reading →


Day X. If you've been following that last attempt at a series, I'd like to apologize. Just to keep you guys in the loop, after my birthday, I went all out stupid when it comes to not working out and eating whatever I wanted. I went even further by not having a daily Excel schedule... Continue Reading →


Day 24. Plus One. Or I'm not sure if I'm even going to hit a thousand words with this one. Who knows. Considering today was April 21, and I had some extra time today, to slack and to realize I've been slacking too much, I was able to go ahead and open Ye Olde Gideon's... Continue Reading →


Day 24. Well, it was supposed to be 'Flow', but I guess 'Movement' is fine as well. I need to flow. Traffic jams don't make as much sense until the cars up front start moving. Then it's clear how everyone else moves. We all need to flow to make sense of things. We all need... Continue Reading →


Day 23. I apologize for not writing for 2 straight days. Let's just say yesterday was a bust for me. Well, it's technically two days ago. But I do want to get a load off of my mind. Or should I even go through yesterday? Let's just say that the consequences of sabotage are far... Continue Reading →


Day 20. So here it is. I'm going to be talking from the title, 'Passion Energizes Your Talent', a chapter from the book, 'Beyond Talent' by John Maxwell. To reiterate the bedrock of what I wanted to share throughout this entire series, I wanted to say again: We all have a Foundation. It is our... Continue Reading →


Day 19. I apologize for my last set of 1000 words. That was written after 2 beers and a case of the munchies at 12 midnight. I have been sabotaging myself recently, and I'm not liking it. I mean, my daily schedule has me out of bed by 6am at the latest, and I've been... Continue Reading →


So let’s go ahead and try something new today I am on my way I’m in the car right now and I’m on my way over to meet a couple of friends of mine and the thing about it is I don’t have enough time to us really sit down and write my 1000 words... Continue Reading →


Day 17 Still. On Discipline: "Discipline is not punishment for the past but preparation for the future." - Andrew Farley "Discipline equals freedom." - Jocko Willink "There are two freedoms - the false, where a man is free to do what he likes; the true, where he is free to do what he ought." -... Continue Reading →

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