Oh, Hey.

What. A. Mess.

This site has gone through countless iterations since 2003, version after version which at the time I considered as my ‘ultimate’, only to be completely overhauled when I see one problem, which leads to two, which leads to the strong temptation to start all over.

It’s been known as ‘Growing Up For Idiots’ (Obviously should’ve been ‘Dummies’ but for some reason, I stood by my mistake), and ‘jb.redeemed’ at some point. Then I put too much thought and effort into photography, and it became ‘Hope In Sight’ – a photo-portfolio slash evangelism site (apparently, I’ve been putting too much thought and efforts into my beliefs as well)… resulting in landscape shots with Bible verses which… well, aren’t half-hearted, but definitely not whole-hearted either. Could have been worse, but I was disappointed for the most part because I knew it could have been better.

But here’s the thing. When I stopped getting anxious about what people thought, and when I stopped pressuring myself to share like a ‘good Christian’ should… That was actually the time I started gathering my thoughts, and inadvertently sharing what, rather who I believe.

I must admit that most of the writing here is actually for me more than anyone else. This, of course, is not to deter anyone else from jumping in. I do pray that whoever does stumble upon here gets what he or she is looking for – God forbid that I confuse, but to clarify and encourage everyone else to clarify themselves, and constantly.

Watch this space. I believe there’s so much more that can be done here, and I would be honored if you came back every now and then.

You made it this far, so thank you very much! Make yourself at home. Click here for my Posts.

Christus est, ergo sum.

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