Day 29

Got out of bed around 9am again, and I worked on the plants. Made my bed, and then I went downstairs to do some heavy bag boxing. 10 minute Nate Bower workout. After this I burned through Week 3 of the Coursera Cybersecurity Course. Played Fallout and then had lunch: It was a rainbow, and... Continue Reading →

Day 28

Got out of bed around 9 or so. Worked on the plants (Mom commented later in the day that the Coriander isn't thriving as much because they've been planted too close to each other), and cleaned the bed. I got dressed to workout, and proceeded to walk to CAAA to buy bell peppers for fat... Continue Reading →

Day 27

Church Anniversary Weekend, Day 2. It's supposed to be our 39th Anniversary, but this year just kept on changing for some reason. Anyway, I was out early today for the same reason I was out early yesterday… only this time I was actually out earlier because I wanted to make it to the 8am service.... Continue Reading →

Day 25 – 26

So I wasn't feeling very well (again) yesterday, so I thought I'd hold off on updating the journal… Now, it's the evening of the next day, and I'm thinking to myself, I'd better hold off on everything else until I get this done. Let's start with my memories of yesterday. Day 25 I remember sleeping... Continue Reading →

Day 24

I find it funny how I said I need to tweak time management a little more. It's really not that hard. Just don't do what you aren't supposed to be doing, and do what you're supposed to be doing. For instance, if I say I need more time to do one thing, then half of... Continue Reading →

Day 23

I guess getting out of bed at 9 is the… what, standard for this week? Well, that's how it's looking so far anyway. It just sucks though, I was hoping I could get out of bed earlier and do more stuff. Happy hump day. I water the coriander just as Manang is feeding the boys... Continue Reading →

Day 22

Got out of bed by 9, watered the plants. I tried to play Fallout but the game crashed at the 'Please Stand By' screen. Tried validating game files and rebooting twice to no avail. Attempted Uninstall/Reinstall. Made space in terrace, but ultimately made space in den. Assembled punching bag stand. The gloves I bought were... Continue Reading →

Day 21

So the alarm was set for 7:00 but I got out of bed by around 9. Watered the plants and cleaned upstairs. I could have worked out but I needed to charge the band. So I plugged that and the power bank in, and while waiting I worked on the Good News videos, from YT... Continue Reading →

Day 20

So today I was supposed to wake up and work out and write in preparation for my time slot to share a message. I was supposed to wake up and get out of bed early. Instead, I woke up at around 7 and got out of bed around 9. Quickly tended to the plants and... Continue Reading →

Day 19

Sorry again for the delay. Doing a two-hit combo tonight. -JB So I woke up at around 5:30, and got out of bed to work out, to write, and to tend to the plants. I got the camera and all my gear prepared, took the guitar with me, and told Manang that they could use... Continue Reading →

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