My response to this - and this is probably why I needed to stop everything else to type this, in order to just reinforce myself - is that it's not that my trust is in what my senses perceive as my reality - no, it's because I acknowledge that eternity, beyond my senses, is what is much more real to me. From another point of view, the truth of eternity overwhelms me and renders me confident to look at this reality as it is without the weight of adding flawed 'spiritualization' to the picture.


Possibilities versus guarantees. Expectations versus reality. Integers versus boolean values. Variables versus constants. Facts versus truth. LOVED. FORGIVEN. SAVED. UNION. ACCEPTED. HOLY. RIGHTEOUS. DIED. NEW. ROYAL.

For Good, For Life, Forever (Elohim v2.0)

By Christ's resurrection we know that God is alive, God is eternal, and God, therefore, is good. How pleasant, how this comes together. All good is life, and life is all good. You can operate from the cause of right or wrong, but your effects would still be dead. But Christ's finished work is both cause and effect, in that it is Life. Christ is Life, for Good, for Life, for Eternity.

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