Day N

Sorry, folks. Well, to whoever’s been following the 30 day log (even if it was just for me, primarily), I’m sorry for keeping you guys hanging. Day 30 has long past, and much has transpired since then. I’m having trouble remembering specifics but I will say that the tendency for me to crash, or to... Continue Reading →

Day 29

Got out of bed around 9am again, and I worked on the plants. Made my bed, and then I went downstairs to do some heavy bag boxing. 10 minute Nate Bower workout. After this I burned through Week 3 of the Coursera Cybersecurity Course. Played Fallout and then had lunch: It was a rainbow, and... Continue Reading →

Day 28

Got out of bed around 9 or so. Worked on the plants (Mom commented later in the day that the Coriander isn't thriving as much because they've been planted too close to each other), and cleaned the bed. I got dressed to workout, and proceeded to walk to CAAA to buy bell peppers for fat... Continue Reading →

Day 27

Church Anniversary Weekend, Day 2. It's supposed to be our 39th Anniversary, but this year just kept on changing for some reason. Anyway, I was out early today for the same reason I was out early yesterday… only this time I was actually out earlier because I wanted to make it to the 8am service.... Continue Reading →

Day 25 – 26

So I wasn't feeling very well (again) yesterday, so I thought I'd hold off on updating the journal… Now, it's the evening of the next day, and I'm thinking to myself, I'd better hold off on everything else until I get this done. Let's start with my memories of yesterday. Day 25 I remember sleeping... Continue Reading →

Day 24

I find it funny how I said I need to tweak time management a little more. It's really not that hard. Just don't do what you aren't supposed to be doing, and do what you're supposed to be doing. For instance, if I say I need more time to do one thing, then half of... Continue Reading →

Day 23

I guess getting out of bed at 9 is the… what, standard for this week? Well, that's how it's looking so far anyway. It just sucks though, I was hoping I could get out of bed earlier and do more stuff. Happy hump day. I water the coriander just as Manang is feeding the boys... Continue Reading →

Day 22

Got out of bed by 9, watered the plants. I tried to play Fallout but the game crashed at the 'Please Stand By' screen. Tried validating game files and rebooting twice to no avail. Attempted Uninstall/Reinstall. Made space in terrace, but ultimately made space in den. Assembled punching bag stand. The gloves I bought were... Continue Reading →

Day 21

So the alarm was set for 7:00 but I got out of bed by around 9. Watered the plants and cleaned upstairs. I could have worked out but I needed to charge the band. So I plugged that and the power bank in, and while waiting I worked on the Good News videos, from YT... Continue Reading →

Day 20

So today I was supposed to wake up and work out and write in preparation for my time slot to share a message. I was supposed to wake up and get out of bed early. Instead, I woke up at around 7 and got out of bed around 9. Quickly tended to the plants and... Continue Reading →

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