Day 23

I guess getting out of bed at 9 is the… what, standard for this week? Well, that’s how it’s looking so far anyway. It just sucks though, I was hoping I could get out of bed earlier and do more stuff.

Happy hump day. I water the coriander just as Manang is feeding the boys after they walk Akira. Good job to them. I have coffee, and I play Fallout. Good decisions, right? Anyway after that I also cut one tray of wheatgrass and leave it to soak. I also put dough for flatbread together; I said I would make hummus and a meat dish today.

I take in a Unimate + Barley + Wheatgrass shot before whaling on the punching bag for the first time. Good stuff, followed a Nate Bower workout! Followed this up with 4 sets of 5 DB raises per arm, followed by 10 Overhead Shoulder Presses to 10 shrugs, all with 30lb DBs. I’m all winded when Manang walks in and says Mom wants to go out. So I put the flatbread together and cook 8 pieces, before taking a bath.

We head out, and I drop Mom and Manang off at the bank before I gas up at Caltex Bonifacio. After this I go straight to Good News, and set up the Laptop. I do week 2 of the Coursera Cybersecurity Capstone. Seriously, I could go much faster than this.

Mom texts and I pick them up at the market. We head home, and I cook dinner: Prepared tahini, hummus, and a take on beef keema. Manang cooks up a pot of vegetable soup, which I have a huge bowl of. That, and a piece of wheat bread, with keema and hummus. Good stuff, although the bread came out flat and hard. All-Purpose makes all the difference. Watched Dragon Ball while eating. Posted on Omniscapes and a story on _jibee. Worship: Forever, Through It All, There Is None Like You.

Pretty proud of my intake today. Getting better.

Joy and Mavin reach out for help on verbiage regarding this Sunday’s service. I help them out with my perspective. I play Fallout, and then Unreal Tournament when that bugs down.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: None
  • Run: None
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 8091
  • Trades: None
  • Worship songs: Forever, Through It All, There Is None Like You

HIGH: First punching bag workout!
LOW: Need to tweak time management a little more.

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Touch base with Jandel
  • Pick 2
    • Coursera Cybersecurity
  • Worship Lineup rundown/time

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • Buy NAS tech? Big Lazada purchase, need to buy boxing glove cleaners. Also check out laptop battery, solar/wind power. Look up childhood experiments: Lemon Power, crystals
  • Print out Passport Renewal documents
  • Clean Car? Read up on Car Maintenance
  • Get spare tire
  • Pick 2
    • Coursera Cybersecurity
    • Udemy Ethical Hacking
    • Security+ CertMaster
    • Forex Refresher

For this week:

  • Coursera Cybersecurity
  • Udemy Ethical Hacking
  • Security+ CertMaster
  • Anniversary Worship Rehearsals
  • Forex Refresher
  • Buy Beach Umbrella for Terrace, Replace Guitar Strings?
  • Talk to the Cosalans

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