Day 25 – 26

So I wasn’t feeling very well (again) yesterday, so I thought I’d hold off on updating the journal… Now, it’s the evening of the next day, and I’m thinking to myself, I’d better hold off on everything else until I get this done. Let’s start with my memories of yesterday.

Day 25

I remember sleeping without a meal, and waking up, determined to work out so I make it to 24 hours without food. So I got out of bed but I was thinking more of coffee, so I forgot to take in my morning dosage of Paraway. I’m not sure when or if I watered the plants and did some cleaning here in the room; What I do remember is that Mom needed to get out of the house early, so we left the house at around 1. Yes, before this, I do remember doing the Iron Wolf 10-minute Burpee routine, as well as the ATX 6-Pack Promise, before finally having something to eat: More Keema, more vegetable soup, among other things. Oh, I remember, even before working out, I finished a Module for the ethical hacking course in Udemy.

So yeah, anyway, yes, we left the house, and I dropped Mom and Manang off at Veteran’s bank. I gassed up 200php at Caltex SLU before heading over to Good News; Mavin said he needed help with something so I went to see what he needed. He wasn’t there, and I tried doing week 3 for Coursera Cybersecurity, but the internet wasn’t very good where I was situated. Eventually Mavin showed up, and he explained he needed help with procuring a battery adapter for a Canon DSLR to run on continuous power. This, and a USB cable extender. We didn’t find the first thing, but he got his cable; He wanted to buy mic stands but by that time Mom texted that they were ready for pick up, so I quickly dropped Mavin off at Good News before picking Mom up.

Mom wanted to go to pay our quarterly (or was it yearly) contribution for St. Peter’s plans, so I dropped her and Manang over at Session theater before circling back to try parking close by; I found a space right in front of CID. While waiting for them I bought refills for my Pilot pens; I also paid a visit to Fujifilm and arranged for my film roll to be processed.

Mom also wanted to go to GNLD, so we headed to the Insular area and we waited for her to buy what she needed. Apparently Dana saw me as she passed by in a taxi. Anyway, when that was done, we finally made our way back home. I remember properly installing the spare tire under the car, before lazing around, and deciding to have another meal, thinking that would make me feel better. I only had another headache as I felt another cold kind of coming on. Mavin reached out to ask if I was still available and I begged off, thinking he could take care of the mic stands on his own.

Jardine texts after this, however, asking if I could swing by to pray for an aunt in critical condition. I tell him I’ll charge and have dinner first. I leave the house around 7:30, and I make it there around 8pm, after passing by a 7-11 really quick to buy grape juice and crackers. I meet Tita Lilia, who does look critical, but still very much alive. Without going into too much detail, I led the people who were there into prayer, we celebrated the holy communion, I shared on 1 John 4, we prayed again, and then I headed back home.

2nd unexpected meal

Considering that I needed to be out early tomorrow for (1) Mom’s 9AM Bible Study and (2) Saturday’s celebrations for our church’s anniversary, I tried to sleep earlier.

Day 26

I wake up this morning at around 6:30, but after hearing Mom was kind of already up, I headed back to bed, getting out finally at around 8. I quickly got ready, and we headed out. I dropped Mom off at Manang Joy’s place over in Ambiong (Note to self: Ambiong – La Trinidad road is closed), and then I went to Good News to help them out however I could at the 10am celebrations. The service was full, and lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes. Lunch was served – Joshua’s shanghai lumpia, chapchae, and packed Jolibee fried chicken and spaghetti. After socializing I took my lumpia and packed Jolibee meal. I gave the latter to Manang when I got home, and I had some of the lumpia with the last of the keema and the vegetable soup, with some rice and a whole wheat pita to help me out.

That was my bed, yes.

After lunch I slacked off a little, before finally deciding to work out at around 4ish. I did a 30 minute heavy bag boxing routine, a session of the 6 pack promise, and a minor set of lifts: 3 sets of 4 half bicep curls to 4 full bicep curls, to 8 overhead presses, a 16 second DB hold, to 4 shrugs, using 20lb DBs. After this I got ready again and headed out to practice for tomorrow’s worship. We finished at around 8, and I took the kids home.

I was hungry again, so I had a quarter of a guyabano, and a bowl of broccoli. I could have played Fallout but I decided to journal first. I plan on sleeping early again, it’s going to be a pretty full morning tomorrow.

Not in picture: 2 small bananas

HIGH: Got stuff done, mostly for others (Mom, Good News). Glad I got stuff done before this weekend.
LOW: Could have gotten more stuff done.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: See above
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 4970-6462
  • Trades: None
  • Worship songs: None; I hope Mom and Manang understand I’ve been busy.

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Pick 2
    • Coursera Cybersecurity
    • Udemy Ethical Hacking
    • Security+ CertMaster
    • Forex Refresher

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • Church Anniversary
  • Amazing Sunday Meeting?
  • Prepare for tomorrow’s Comms Consultancy Training?

For this week:

  • Coursera Cybersecurity
  • Udemy Ethical Hacking
  • Security+ CertMaster
  • Anniversary Worship Rehearsals
  • Forex Refresher
  • Buy Beach Umbrella for Terrace, Replace Guitar Strings?
  • Talk to the Cosalans
  • Buy NAS tech? Big Lazada purchase, need to buy boxing glove cleaners. Also check out laptop battery, solar/wind power. Look up childhood experiments: Lemon Power, crystals
  • Print out Passport Renewal documents
  • Clean Car? Read up on Car Maintenance

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