Day 21

So the alarm was set for 7:00 but I got out of bed by around 9. Watered the plants and cleaned upstairs. I could have worked out but I needed to charge the band. So I plugged that and the power bank in, and while waiting I worked on the Good News videos, from YT to WP to IG and FB posts. Finished by around 12, at that time I posted on Omniscapes as well. I could have had lunch already but I chose to go out to finally have my front tires changed.

The first place I went to offered tires that won’t last me a year for 7k. I went to the tire place near Norcar and they offered 2 Yokohama tires at 4.2k each. Better deal. Learned that my front tires need to have the newer tires… and the ones I replaced were really, as Mavin said, ticking time bombs. The rubber was so worn out that the wires were really exposed. They wouldn’t even pass as spares.

Speaking of spares I guess I can go back to the first place I went to get a spare tire from them. I couldn’t have gotten one today because I forgot to bring the spare tire with the frame. Need to do that tomorrow.

After this I went to Auntie Bel per Mom’s request, to get lemons she told her to get. I kind of caught up with Auntie Bel, and heard that Uncle Henry has seen better days. All in all I promised Auntie that Mom and I will pass by soon to hang out even longer.

I took the long way home. Shot at Happy Hollow and then Heaven’s Garden. Finally got back home and had lunch. Watched Dragon Ball. I played a bit of Fallout before deciding to take a nap right before my Comms Consultancy Training Session.

Not pictured: a little chocolate with those bananas

Some lines from my Session Notes:

Each EA shared their thoughts on what held them back, and what kept them going. While it was given that they knew what kept them going (e.g. goals, family, the usual), I was able to understand a little bit about what held them back. One was concerned about her ‘demanding’ client. Another’s fear was she wouldn’t be able to make an appointment during a shift. From what I understood one guy had his own concerns about overall stability.

I sort of liked some of their responses regarding what holds them back – In their minds, nothing held them back because they were focused on what they wanted. One shared that his motivation was to get others to achieve, which I appreciated.

Summary: Acknowledge your fears, and face them knowing that there are many things that are keeping you going.

Will provide update for agenda for upcoming sessions, most likely will zero in on client/EA relationships, self-defeating thoughts, and overall stability.

After the call I posted on _jibee. I hope I get a good turnout for that post. Also caught up with Melai and Jonas. Will call the latter some time this week.

It’s cold tonight. I think I’ll turn in earlier.

HIGH: I felt I actually got stuff done today. Productive.
LOW: Wasn’t able to work out. I could have. Could have worshiped too.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: See above
  • Run: None
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 2232, Needed to charge band
  • Trades: None
  • Worship songs: None

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Buy new tires.
  • Comms Consultancy Training
  • Follow up with Jonas
  • Good News: Upload Live videos to Youtube/WP, extract for IG/FB
  • Upload Omniscapes (Sky Creatures 2), _jibee (workout)
  • Print out Passport Renewal documents
  • Clean up an area, and install Punching Bag(!!)
  • Respond to Pep re: finances

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • Buy NAS tech? Big Lazada purchase, need to buy boxing glove cleaners. Also check out laptop battery, solar/wind power. Look up childhood experiments: Lemon Power, crystals
  • Print out Passport Renewal documents
  • Clean up an area, and install Punching Bag(!!)
  • Tuesday Meeting
  • Mom To Market
  • Clean Car? Read up on Car Maintenance
  • Get spare tire
  • Touch base with Jandel and Dox,

For this week:

  • Coursera Cybersecurity
  • Udemy Ethical Hacking
  • Security+ CertMaster
  • Anniversary Worship Rehearsals
  • Forex Refresher
  • Buy Beach Umbrella for Terrace

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