The Charge to Recharge

JB In Manila 042011 VOne of the best lessons Jason Bourne learned was that 'Rest is a weapon'; I believe that this applies in our relationship with God as well, simply because exhaustion weakens us and leaves us vulnerable to the enemy. Temptations resisted at the start of the day become considerable as the sun... Continue Reading →

Before and After

JB In Manila 042011 II As Pao would say, 'ang sarap kumain, no?' This is (was) a serving of Rufo's Famous Tapa. I was always curious about this place but I never had a chance to try it before because I didn't see any nearby food places in case they sucked. I was surprised on... Continue Reading →


Jb in Manila 042011 IBack in those days when I worked in Sitel in Manila ([old man voice] and oh, those days were so long ago...) I developed a critical attitude (hatred is too strong a term) for the long length of time it took to go from Manila to Baguio (and vice versa [I'm... Continue Reading →

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