Coffeebean Coffee: Bitter (but a good thing)

JB In Manila 042011 IV

I’ve seen a lot of ‘civic improvements’ around Ortigas since the last time I was here.

They tore down that huge BDO building at the Julia Vargas/San Miguel Junction. The McDonald’s across it now has a separate Dessert stall, just like the ones they started off in Baguio. They finally completed the square overpass between St. Francis’ Square and SM Megamall, and they totally cut off that crosswalk that used to be under the bridge section.

Lots of stall changes here in SM Megamall… the nicest new change I saw was Papa John’s… coming soon! Yay that man!

I’m glad to see that the Coffee Bean is still here where it always was… Couldn’t think of a better place to wait for Pao.

Pardon my sophomoric posts. I’m sure it’ll all lead to something.

Pao’s here.

To God be the Glory.

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