Pineapple Juice, Sweet and Sour

JB In Manila 042011 III

In a few hours I will be seeing Pao again after so many weeks. My resignation has taken a huge toll on the amount of time we have for each other. There was at least one time we talked over the phone where she related how an accomplice she had at work told her ‘it must be hard.’

It is easy to call it hard if you have the wrong (and unfortunately common) mindset. We acknowledge that it may feel bad that we are physically away from each other, but we believe that the relationship is built on more than just feelings. We know better than to call the distance bad just because it feels bad.

The dealmaker in all of this is our faithful willingness to involve the Lord in our relationship. Regardless of what happens between us; whether it be quarrels or bouts of happiness in levels I never imagined, we can definitely confess that as long as we keep ourselves in the presence of the Lord through obedience and holiness (read: purity), it’ll all be all right. What our senses lead us to feel would only be considered as secondary considerations.

There’s always an effect to our decision to obey or to disobey. Charles Stanley’s line is: “Obey God, and leave all the consequences to Him.” Let me add “consider the consequences before you even think of disobeying Him.” It’s not the physical pain associated to most sin that hurts the most: it’s just that when you sin, you take a step away from His presence, and it’s never a good thing in any aspect to be farther away from God. Through Jesus Christ we are never separated, but through sin we place more distance and therefore farther from what God wants for us.

Just some thoughts while taking advantage of the wifi here at McDonalds Julia Vargas.

To God be all the glory.

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