Jb in Manila 042011 I

Back in those days when I worked in Sitel in Manila ([old man voice] and oh, those days were so long ago…) I developed a critical attitude (hatred is too strong a term) for the long length of time it took to go from Manila to Baguio (and vice versa [I'm just on a roll with the captions today{look, a caption in a caption in a caption}])…


Time spent traveling during 2 days off a week wasn't exactly as pleasant, especially if it took 13-14 hours total. I remember wondering about all sorts of things during those times in the Victory Liner bus – how much it took to fly from Manila to Baguio, when the TPLEX was going to be finished, if it was possible to construct a Manila to Baguio railway… Those sorts of things.

Now I'm out of Sitel (and every day I'm off), and I'm thankfully more patient during long bus trips now. What's funny is that it took the bus just 5 and half hours to get to Manila now. That's 21.43% less the time I estimated it would take. I wonder, have I grown 21.43% more patient?

Well, I'm back here for a day and a half. We'll see. There's free wifi here in Victory Liner Cubao, and my day is off to a good start.

To God be all the glory.

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