Day 8

Well, let’s just say I wanted to rest today, and I did. I preached last Sunday, I did the Data Science thing yesterday, and today, well, I did the Fallout 4 thing. As well as 2 Dragon Ball episodes during lunch, which had a good start, but well, I had trouble keeping it up as I did bad at church, and then at Good Taste. You read that right, Good Taste.

Ah well, let me start right. I got out of bed around 7:30, and decided to go back to bed after taking a piss. I ended up getting out of bed around 10 or 11. Proceeded to water the new wheatgrass beds, and then the cilantro. I could have worked out, really – no, I decided to play Fallout 4, and then straight to having lunch and a show. Started off good with vegetable soup and then a bowl of munggo and red rice, which was even less than I usually would put in my feed bowl. We drove off and I dropped Mom off at the market.

My mistake from here was I bought Kopiko brown and a packet of Rebisco crackers, which I then proceeded to down during the meeting. They brought in vegetable lumpia as well so I had some of that. All throughout the day, starting at that moment, I felt full. Mom texted while the meeting was ongoing so I excused myself. Picked them up and proceeded to drive Mom where she needed to go, particularly in the Ferguson area. She picked up some stuff at the Department of Agriculture area, and then we went to the Pinsao place where she bought some plant pots. She apparently could not get enough pot.

Auntie Bel’s place was along the way, but it started to rain really hard so I went ahead and ran to their place and got what Mom wanted to pick up. Promised Auntie Bel we would visit again soon. Eventually, we made our way home… only for me to head out again, to shoot. The sun sets a little earlier these days.

I almost side-swiped a couple on a motorcycle as apparently we both had the same idea to swerve into the shoulder of the Bakakeng ‘saddle’ area where the view was spectacular. I said sorry to them, and I also made my acquaintance with a fellow mask wearer. She appreciated the sunset as much as I did. She’s from Bakakeng, I told her I was from Camp 7. Who knows, I might see her again, just as I would see Tita over at the Marcos Highway spot.

But I had just enough time to shoot some good ones before picking C and Y up to take them out for dinner. When we ended up at Good Taste and started eating I guess it dawned on both of us that we missed eating out. Just the thought of eating and not being at home excited us as individuals, I guess. It was a feast, and I jumped into it knowing that there would be a good lot of leftovers for her to take home to S and N. I forgot to attempt a Randonautica mission after dinner.

Father, forgive me.

I dropped them off, picked up the yogurt I told her to buy, and then drove home. As soon as I got home we worshiped.

Oh, I did do some work today. I uploaded the Good News sermons into Youtube and on our WordPress website. I was able to listen to the sermons and I plotted out start-stop points for me to extract videos to post. After all this, however, I thought it was too late to post, so I’ll be doing that tomorrow. Played Fallout 4 again.

It’s almost 1am now.

HIGH: Fallout 4. I’m excited for tomorrow, honestly.
LOW: Ate like shit. But that changes tomorrow.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: None
  • Run: None
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Deep clean tomorrow, no for real this time
  • Steps: 3035
  • Trades: 3 false alarm, 2 from Kosaka TP, 3 from Telegram, 1 XAU failed
  • Worship songs: Your Grace Is Enough, Through It All, 10000 Reasons

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Mom to Market
  • Plan Zoom/Group Call with the Afternoon Worship Team
  • Post on Good News IG
  • Shoot and post
  • Dinner with C
  • Post on Omniscapes/_jibee?
  • Write on this Sunday’s message
  • Try Alligator trading?
  • Coursera Cybersecurity
  • uDemy Ethical Hacking

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • See yesterday’s tasks
  • Reach out RE: VA EST
    • Update Mentor for advice
  • Workout, Food
  • Reach out to Dox re: WP

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