Day 14. I was going to put the title 'Rock', but I figured I should just write about how this day is, as the title goes, a reset day. Reset, meaning I can eat whatever I want. Reset, meaning I rest today. Reset, meaning I don't necessarily have to write 1000 words today, nor do... Continue Reading →

Of Design & Relationship

Last week in church I shared my take on what it means to make discipleship engaging and empowering. One of the questions I left you with was, 'How did Christ engage with you? How did Christ empower you?'Quite a lot of events happening locally, in our country, and all over the world last week. You'd... Continue Reading →

On Leading

Coming out of our series on the Names of God, we jumped into a new series leading up to our Anniversary, which we are celebrating next Sunday. In the words of Pastor Ronnie, 'Are you excited?' Anyway, I had the privilege of getting the Afternoon service started in this new series, talking about Life lived... Continue Reading →

Day 11

Lexie's birthday? Also, just finished Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Fixed the bed and watered the wheatgrass and coriander first.  September 11. It's been 18 years since that tragedy, today. God bless America.  Post-Workout Thoughts Thinking about Live, Love, and Lead at this time. It's important that it's in that order. We've been given life as a... Continue Reading →

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