United by the Cross

To my Tribe, to those who identify as Christian: 

Let us never forget that we are called the Body of Christ for no shallow reason. Play with the thought and be amazed! 

We are all united in Christ. We do not come together for reasons of common beliefs, methodologies, opinions, religious approaches, traditions or affinities, we do not come together because of similar theology, philosophy, goals, visions, levels or ‘maturity’, likes and dislikes; we do not rally under family names, generations, nationalities, cliques, clubs, and societies.

We gather and flourish only because of the Living Word who is Christ in us, our Savior, our Shepherd, our King – He is our Greatest Common Denominator. We would do very well to remember this, especially in this season where literally everything else is seemingly geared at tearing all of us apart. 

The Body of Christ comes in all shapes and colors, all ideologies, all political parties, all approaches, cultures, schools of thought, motivations, and preferences. We may join the rest of the world in stating the obvious differences we have with one another, calling each other out. However, the beautiful Truth of our union in Christ is a subtle yet significant – nay, outright EXPLOSIVE communication – to us and the rest of the world. 

The Truth which resonates in our being states: We are fully known and fully loved and accepted by the Creator of the Universe and all seen and unseen… not by who we are or what we do, but by Christ and His birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension

Therefore as Christ accepts us, so we accept each other. As Christ loves us, so we love one another. We behold Christ and His finished work manifested in every being. By Christ every person can be seen as a unique expression of God’s eternal and infinite love. By this the entire universe would know that we are Christ’s, when we see beyond the differences and love one another. 

Christ, before all things, and in the end of all we perceive. Beginning and the End, Alpha and Omega, First and the Last. Faithful and True, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Christ is our Greatest Common Denominator.

Christ, infinite in power, beyond time and space. Christ, beyond fact and theory, beyond our senses and perceptions, yet with us, for us, never leaving us, never forsaking us, now and forever. 

For your consideration. We will always be learning this, so it is also up for correction and clarification. 

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