On Consistency – A Brain Defragmentation Session


When programming you’re bound to run into errors in your code which would keep the entire thing from running. These are actually the easy errors to fix.

The tough bugs are those that affect the performance of your code undetected. These are the bugs that can only be detected if you intentionally go through each and every step the program takes. It’s only when you evaluate each step where you see the more subtle security flaws, the extra code slowing the rest of the program down, the single pressure points which, if left unchecked, would break down and compromise the entire system after running extended periods of time.

When you start working out, you’re bound to run into a couple of snags here and there. You finish one workout and you find out what you should be prioritizing by the muscles that ache the next morning.

Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, and the initial aches no longer show… but then you start feeling something pop or some discomfort in new places you never expected. You may attribute this to old age, but most of the time you will discover that the source of this discomfort comes, not from a problem in your body, but a flaw in your form and execution – an error in your code that you would only notice after repetition.

It’s my Mom’s birthday tomorrow She comes to me with issues with her phone, and she complains to me like any other technologically deficient person would, about how Facebook just doesn’t work at times.

Oftentimes I can balk at her and brush her aside like the arrogant prick I’ve built myself to be (much to my future self’s regret, I suppose), but today, I hold back and cut her some slack. For beneath her kind exterior which seems to find reasons to smile in each and every season is a Valkyrie of a warrior with 77 years worth of experience, who could easily put me in my dumbass place in an instant without moving as much as a finger, yet not to crush me, but to correct me.

The constant, the value I wish to share in all this that I’ve been sharing is just, consistency. Most people my age down to much younger love to express to the world how we want to do this and that, and we post our stories and our pictures showing our first days in business, our first workouts, our first cookies out of the oven, and so on an so forth.

I want to cut this all short and say that you can’t lie through social media to express your consistency in doing, and in being. These properties will make themselves known… in their own subtle ways, yet straight through the eyes and into the hearts of countless other people.

Shock and awe can guarantee first-day quantity. Consistency in improving, whether it be your programming, your workouts, and, really, your will to live and stand on what you believe.. that leaves you standing, uncompromised, clearly set apart from those who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

And so as I keep going with my photos, my workouts, in constant communion and communication with those who have clearly gone ahead of me and are for me, I say, for each and every one of us, to hold off on telling people what you want to do, and to just do it, not just once, but again, and again, and again, until the world knows what’s up, without you saying anything.

Consistency is the tool that keeps you as a learn-it-all, in a world infested by know-it-alls.

See, even in my writing this I know I’m holding off on some flaws, and I know I need to improve on things here and there, but I ain’t stopping here.

Truth be told, I had a whole bunch of things in my head, and a friend of mine asked me to talk on consistency, and this is the best I know how to jumble and connect everything. So apologies all around, please let me know what you think, and God bless you.

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