From Perfection, A Cycle

By Christ, who is the Author and Finisher of our faith, we have been given a greater perspective, a greater mindset. The glory God shares to Him has been shared to us, and therefore allows us to recognize the same said glory in all of creation – in every variable, in every circumstance, from the smallest bits of data down to the exabytes of archives accumulated since the beginning of time.

As value has been added to us, we add value by first seeing the value in everything. By this, we indirectly pay homage to the Source of the light, by whom we see.

And as we appreciate raw data, we see the data on top of the data, in the form of patterns and flows. Eventually we would see a pattern of patterns, the literal flow of the world, and of the universe itself. And though it is enticing, tempting to walk along this flow, and by default we do, the Truth of Christ’s eternal love and life alive in us would have us actually walking in, through, and from a superior, infinite pattern, embraced by eternity.

We’ve certainly come a long way from just being reminded of data…

– ‘On Data’

You analyze data to figure out how to make the greatest impact. You execute. Analyze and execute, and analyze again. It’s a never ending cycle.

Never ending? Analyze and execute unto forever? Is there no end to the cycle? Can perfection really be attained?

…Or has our definition of perfection been tainted by the knowledge of good and evil? It seems perfection really isn’t as it seems.

Consider this perspective: Perfection is dynamic. Always optimal, but always expanding, always increasing – and, therefore, always open for analysis and execution.

It is in this regard we ought to see ourselves as perfect, as Christ is perfect. Or rather, consider that perfection isn’t a goal to be had. From a perspective of eternity, perfection is more a state to be in, rather than a static goal to get to.

Even better, we have Perfection (in the person of Christ).. and Perfection has us. Christ is Perfection. Christ has us and we have Christ.

Now, there’s another reason we give regard and pay homage to both Christ and His finished work, separately. Christ is awesome, and Christ is all we say He is, down to perfection – in fact, without looking at the person of Christ in wonder, we wouldn’t arrive at the perspective of Perfection as discussed here.

We must understand that it’s all for naught if not for His finished work. It would all be senseless if not for the move He made in order for us to actually have Him. In His infinite wisdom I suppose there were infinite considerations and thoughts and simulations to the perfect timing, but, eventually, Christ had to move.

Execution comes first. Take in all the information and knowledge and analyze all you can, but the cycle will never begin without an initial move.

Take the first step. Take that leap of faith. Make a move, knowing that Christ and the move He made guarantees that we have Him on our side, no matter what.

Revel in the expanding, infinite perfection which Christ bought for all of us, at such a great price. Rest in the growing, everlasting love, present as peace in all circumstances.

From this perspective, analyze. From this perspective, execute.

Analyze. Execute.

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