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Certain songs may be done to death, but fortunately, they share the right truth at the right time.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. His mercies are new every morning. His faithfulness is great.

Christ is endless, fresh, and great. Properties, perspectives of God, known once only by word, now all realized in Christ. He is truly the Light of the World in that we see God through Him.

I am by no means ‘special’ for God to love me, for Christ to save me, for the Holy Spirit to dwell in me. But flip that around and take in the actual Truth: God loved me first, Christ saved me first, and the Holy Spirit sought to dwell in me first – any claims I make of how worthy or how unworthy I am are rendered irrelevant, because God did it all first..

..and isn’t that special?

What ISN’T special are these people who take it to the public to say they had a special encounter with Christ; defining their ‘experience’ on our own limited human terms, they say things people want to hear, even saying that God gets all the glory… reality, they’re pitifully stating what should already be glaringly obvious for anyone in Christ. They come out saying that this stuff is exclusive knowledge for them and them alone to share, just for them to feel good about themselves. The truth which surpasses the reality we perceive is that Christ Himself is greater than an experience; much more than just merely special, He is endless, fresh, and great!

It’s sad how people fall for it. Apparently, people can get bored with Christ. They lap up all these so-called prophecies, and all these revelations, all these seemingly divine messages usually preceded with ‘God told me to tell you..‘, all these words, placing more intellectual investment into these things more than the LIVING Word, who is Christ Himself!

How can anyone dare try to ride on the the matchless grace of God, downgrading it by attempting to contain it in their terms, for their own gain and benefit? How dare they subtly try to divert the focus of people to themselves, or to our own performance, coming from their own doubts and insecurities? They’re capturing the clean sacrifices and peddling them as wares, when the gift was given to all, for free!

They’re selling what should be free! They’re telling people to earn what was freely given to us! They’re telling people to maintain mercies that are new every morning! They appeal to the conscience to have people pay up, if not work up their salvation!

And while some of these people claim to understand the grace of God, it does stop there: they say that you’re already saved, BUT we ought to pay up or to work up to be blessed more, or to have special anointing, or to have more of the Spirit – How dare they do this!?

Christ is the infinite gift of God to man, freely given to us.. and now we live, and TRULY live, knowing that we have Christ, and knowing that Christ has us. We live, and TRULY live, knowing that we have been reconciled to the Father, and Christ’s finished work guarantees that we will never be separated from Him, we will ALWAYS be connected to Him, now and forever!

We live, and TRULY live, moving forth with a perfect and everlasting love made known to us through Christ and His finished work, a love overflowing, a love which naturally flushes out, burns out, casts out all fear!

No one is greater than anyone else, because everyone has the greatest love of all – a love everlasting that breaks time and borders, a love as an ocean with wave after wave over each and every heart and soul, courting us as individuals – a love that is eternal, a love that is never boring, always enduring, peaceful as a lake, yet powerful as a river!

How could anyone ever place a price on this? How could anyone else place a price on Eternity? It’s pretty obvious that Christ cannot be bought or earned or maintained, but, on the flip side, it was Christ who paid with everything, to buy us back, and to have us, to be our worth, now and forever.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. His mercies are new every morning. His faithfulness is great.

Christ is endless, fresh, and great.

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