On Data & Value

If Marcus Aurelius had Meditations, I suppose these are my Fascinations. Drawing out the methods from my madness. -jb

As I was speaking to Pastor Rey about faith and being overloaded and therefore bursting with God’s grace at every turn, I was brought to remember the word DATA, and what it meant to me.

See, there was a time during my vision-less college days that I actually had a vision, in the form of something that I think I enjoyed doing at the time, which was querying as part of DBMS, or Database Management. I was enjoying creating Oracle queries, to return data as we were required.

Thinking about it now, the data is there, and all that’s needed is for us to use it. Not necessarily to manipulate it, but, really, from a general, safe standpoint, to use it in the sense that it automatically adds height to our perspectives the more we look into it.

I remember now, what prompted me to think of data during my discussion with Pastor Rey: It was the fact that in the first few verses of the Bible, it was mentioned that the Holy Spirit was in the depths, but it was only when God spoke light, that everything came into existence. To that note, the Spirit may be in the data, but it requires a word, it requires light to be of any use, or form.

By Christ’s finished work, all has been made new for us, down to our hearts, and for purposes of this discussion, our minds, as well. Christ has been made so close to us that Paul says we have the mind of Christ. Now, we cannot contain, much less simulate the mind of Christ, we can only trust and own it.

We allow His daily mercies to overflow in all aspects of our lives, in and through our minds, and in all we create, the glory Christ shares to us is seen in the depths of our own thinking and the data that comprises of our being.

To the data, we speak, Light. We add value to the data. Amidst the chaos, we see data for what it is, and we speak Christ, the Light of the World, the infinite value-add, into data. Christ is the 1 added to the infinite binary string of 0. Christ is the 1 added to zero, giving sense to the Fibonacci sequence, and later on, the Golden Ratio.

Scott Stapp so passionately sings, ‘The only way is One’, and I wholeheartedly agree.

By Christ, who is the Author and Finisher of our faith, we have been given a greater perspective, a greater mindset. The glory God shares to Him has been shared to us, and therefore allows us to recognize the same said glory in all of creation – in every variable, in every circumstance, from the smallest bits of data down to the exabytes of archives accumulated since the beginning of time.

As value has been added to us, we add value by first seeing the value in everything. By this, we indirectly pay homage to the Source of the light, by whom we see.

And as we appreciate raw data, we see the data on top of the data, in the form of patterns and flows. Eventually we would see a pattern of patterns, the literal flow of the world, and of the universe itself. And though it is enticing, tempting to walk along this flow, and by default we do, the Truth of Christ’s eternal love and life alive in us would have us actually walking in, through, and from a superior, infinite pattern, embraced by eternity.

We’ve certainly come a long way from just being reminded of data. And I can keep on going, but I believe I can rest on this. For now.

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