*** The Cloud-cleansing keeps on going. I know I’ve written so much about our forever union with Christ, but, well, like a kid who keeps watching Frozen, I can’t stop. Here’s something I started 2016, finished today, 11/01/19. Enjoy. -JB ***

Union | March 31 – April 1, 2016

Again, as mentioned by the good man Francis Bacon, reading maketh the whole man, speaking maketh the ready man, and writing maketh the precise man.

What was an intimidating task is now a pleasure. See, I would be used to writing under more quieter circumstances, but if something is out of place, or even if the smallest noise or disturbance makes its way to my ear, I would be thrown out of that delicate bubble of focus. I call this a pleasure now, simply because what is thrown out of place, what is scattered by apparent external forces, is now slowly being put back into place, sharpened into definite precision, as I write through the noise.

So let the noise keep going. Greater is the love that just explodes in me, than the noise of the world and its ploys. Praise be to God, from whom all blessings flow.

The thought of absolute union with God through Jesus Christ seems to be the flavor of the day, and no doubt it is helping me stay focused in typing something of value. For while Francis Chan continues to emphasize how we ought to be giving everything and committing everything to Christ, as a lover to another lover, I suppose there’s an even greater love to understand, which is none other than the love of Christ.

For while human power does all it can to ensure that union is achieved through proximity and connection, Christ’s finished work did so much more. It was a sheer impossibility for the created to match the glory of the Creator, so Christ relinquished His godly glory, if only for a moment, to be with Mankind. As David Crowder sings, ‘Heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss.’

We will spend forever taking this in, and it is futile to believe that we could ever know all there is to know about it. What’s left to do is to live, knowing that Christ will never leave, and that Christ is always with us. To understand this and to live life – and real Life for that matter – out of this Truth: well, to circle back to Francis Bacon, this means to read, knowing Christ has made us whole.

It means to speak, for Christ in us is ever-ready.

It means to write, because while you can never be too clear about God’s infinite love for you, the clearer you make of it, the more you take it in, the better it would be for you… and for everyone else.

God has united. No man, nothing can separate.

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