You Are Heard.

***I’m purging my Cloud. Turns out I have unpublished articles… and for some reason, 2019 me had to read this from March 28, 2016. Enjoy. -JB ***

You Are HeardMarch 28. 2016

I believe one way to practice the mind of Christ is to know that God always hears us. No longer to we need to wail and make an effort to be heard, because in Christ, God always hears us. David was writing some psalms crying out for God to hear him, yet in other passages he thanks God for hearing his cry. Sometimes, it’s in the same Psalm.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to cry out to the Lord. Granted, there will be instances when our emotions cause us to just scream, shout, and let it all out. However, you ought to know that it isn’t even a question of volume. For each and every time Christ spoke, God heard him, so reliable that Christ just had to say, ‘Father, I thank You for hearing me’, before saying, ‘Lazarus! Come forth!’.

Oftentimes we try to hear from God, to know the way. Sometimes, however, it’s probably more than enough comfort to realize that the Christ-bought salvation you have also implies that your Heavenly Father hears you loud and clear.

What’s nice about our Heavenly Father is that He is just always with us. Christ is not just in every breath we take, and every beat of our heart – He breathes with us, and His heart beats with ours; His blood, as the song says, runs through our veins. Isn’t that just marvelous?

Indeed, that’s what we need to know when we see how the rest of the world simply could not relate to how we are feeling. We are all created in His image, yet we are created unique. This implies that we not only have unique features, but we also have unique experiences and unique feelings. Again, we see how our God’s love is wide, and deep – wide, in the sense that Christ died for all, regardless of form, political alignment, color, religion, etc.; and deep, in the sense that though there are billions upon billions of human beings that have lived, are living, and will live, He knows each and every one of us so intimately that He knows what each and every one of us are thinking and are feeling at any given time.

In the context of what was discussed earlier, we are assured that God knows what we feel, and He certainly hears what we say, what we aren’t saying, and what we want to say.

With that being said, it’s going to be difficult for us to really drill down on the emotions we really don’t understand. I for one am experiencing frustration right now, coupled with a restlessness that is related to an obsessive focus on efficiency and effectiveness. I could easily go the way the world thinks, by trying to analyze where this frustration comes from.

No, right now I’d rather just give it all up to the Lord, who knows what I’m feeling, why I’m feeling it. It’s quite ironic how we call them ‘nothing more than feelings’, yet we tend to give so much focus on them that they become heavy burdens to lift. It’s bad enough that we suffer – what’s even worse is that other people, people we love, and the people around us are inadvertently subject to bear the burden with you. This is so when they see you frowning, down and out, or otherwise just so affected by your feelings.

We aren’t saying to disregard your feelings. No, it’s just that you would do well to fix your eyes on Christ, who subjected your body to every effect of the curse, even upon death that you would have life.

He took your frustration so you could have His satisfaction. Friend, let that echo in your mind. You are satisfied, you are satisfied in Christ. Believe it. Not only do you find satisfaction in the fact that Christ is alive and alive in you, but you ought to know that it goes even further than that. Friend, you have salvation in Christ, and this salvation includes a satisfaction that you will never find in the entertainment the world presents, in the attention of others, in your obsession over efficiency – In Christ, you are saved, and satisfied!

Who you are and what you have in Christ is infinitely above and absolutely superior to your own thoughts of what you think ought to satisfy you. Do not make the mistake of associating your purpose and function with what the world insists should make you happy. In Christ, you have all that you need, and all that you will ever want is in Him!

Go beyond the cliché! Go beyond the bywords! I challenge you to project what comes from Christ that makes you satisfied! I challenge you to use the mind I gave you to find how you are satisfied in Christ!

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