Holding Pattern

Not everything has to be a mind-blasting overwhelming earth-shattering kaboom with Christ. That would actually be pretty bad.

No, the mere fact that I had some extra time to actually intentionally soak up some more of the infinite Christ I have alive in me, in His perfect love and everlasting life, well, that was something. Something in the sense that I could just go through this life and this reality so chill and so peaceful and controlled, because I am just so saturated, overflowing with the love of Christ in and through me.

Can’t ever waste any time with Christ, it’s not possible. Really, I said this once before, and probably not in the same exact words, but how can I waste time by spending time with the Maker of time? A finite being will always benefit from the infinite.

It wasn’t always this way. In fact, the truth is, the infinite annihilates the finite. It’s just how things are. However, the Infinite chose to be finite and took the fate of the finite. By this the finite was reconciled to the Infinite, now and forever.

What’s left for the finite is to believe to take part in the infinite.

But it’s understandable how the world hates this. It’s understandable why the world hates Christ – because it’s too easy. And who is Christ, anyway? How dare He say such things? In a reality so infused and so saturated with accusation, the Gospel of grace and the free gift of a loving God will definitely be met with certain and savage hostility.

The more we understand this, the more we also understand the determined compassion, and the compassionate determination behind the actions and words of Christ as He walked with us in this dust ball called Earth. With determination, He told the Pharisees that they can throw stones at the adulteress if they themselves had no sin. With compassion, He willingly touched the leper, who became clean immediately – Life touched death, and death left the leper’s body.

With determination, He boldly told a tax collector to follow Him, fully aware of his reputation and notoriety. With compassion, He gave thanks for five loaves and two fish, and fed a multitude.

With determination, He took the beatings of the soldiers and legionaries, and with a victorious compassion, He declared, while nailed to the cross, that ‘it is finished.’

How beautiful, that in what the world saw was a humiliating, utter defeat, He actually guaranteed a glorious, decisive victory that would last forever.

Christian, you may not know what to do with your life. Perhaps you’re like me, traumatized still by a lifetime of religion which has you totally confused and intimidated by determining your passion, your purpose, or ‘God’s will for your life’.

Until the time that you know what to do with your time, take all the time you need to know that the Maker of time never wasted His time on you. Take in the overwhelming, infinite, eternal true love of God through Christ and His finished work, and allow it to just seep into all of your being, and have faith in the guarantee that He began a good work in you, and is faithful to finish it.

Have faith in learning and knowing how the God of the heavens and the earth, the Creator of all that is seen and unseen, is certainly all you will need, in every season, and in every moment. Enjoy the lovingkindness, mercy, and grace of our Father, and move forward – go forth in this awesome and amazing grace!

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