Write. Right.

I had quite the scare this week, last Friday, when this laptop I’m working on right now decided to shut down, and then not come back on, and then not charge. Thankfully, I had my nephew’s desktop as a (barebones) backup, but I was just relieved that the workload I had for that day was not as demanding, as my workmate was able to cover for me during this ‘down’ time.

Now that I think about it, it affected me in a way that I had to stop and re-think my usefulness as a human being without something as unnecessary as a laptop. I’m still fortunate to have the gift of writing, and it wasn’t as if my other devices weren’t working – I was still able to function and prove myself as an asset while having just a phone as my primary electronic device, and for creative overflow I had my camera, and, surprisingly, my notebook presented its faithful usefulness to me during these times as well.

I was reminded of how important it is to write. I remember entering into this ‘bubble’, this fount of overflowing thoughts and the vital follow-through last year. Now, part of me laments that I wasn’t able to go to Virginia this year, but it wasn’t that beautiful East coast state that brought me into that coasting state of focus – no, it was the fact that writing, as always, brings clarity…

As it is bringing clarity now. I have mixed to positive thoughts about this year so far. Check that, no, I’m pretty happy about this 2019, almost 10 months in. The first and last parts of this year (and every year, for that matter) are overrated, big-time. I suppose it helps for us to take in time and to act in terms of months, and not even months, but weeks – not even weeks, but days. And smaller moments.

See, Christ paid such a huge price that our past is covered, and our future is guaranteed. I’m not saying to avoid learning from the past, nor am I saying that it’s bad to plan for the future. I believe what’s being said here is that it is important for us to prioritize the solutions for the present, as the present presents enough for us to handle as it is.

More than enough, even. The present is a heavy load to bear, when you really think about it, but it can be a whole lot heavier if we have no focus, or at least a grip, a foundation to start from, an anchor to get our bearings.

For this problem, again, I personally suggest for us to write. Like right now, I didn’t know where this article was going to go, but apparently I’m being led to write about writing, a far cry from where I started talking about my laptop.

Just start writing, and keep at it. You’re bound to draw something out of the well, something deeper than the thoughts on the surface that present themselves as minor priorities, apparently.

And of course, when you do draw a thing or two out of the inner reaches of your mind, then act on it. As I recently tweeted, and as I also recently learned, thoughts don’t count.

What do I mean? Well, it doesn’t count that you want to do a handstand. What counts is when you actually do it. It doesn’t count that you want to do 1000 pushups and 1000 squats. What counts is when you actually do it, or at least try to get it done, if you couldn’t get it done in a day.

Write, then act. Then write, then act. Then write, then act. Clarify, move, clarify, move.

It really is that simple.

Of course, I’m writing this to myself more than anyone else. And it doesn’t matter whether this is written on my laptop, or my phone, or my notebook.

Let’s go.

Have a good week, everyone.

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