Beyond Binary (The First Constant, II) – May 6-9, 2023 (133/365)

I wanted to go further. I wanted to force a point further than this, but I’ll stop here for now.

Besides, it feels as if my prayers have been answered. I asked for what I should be talking about this coming Sunday, as a lead-in for the rest of the Sundays we have for this second Quarter – and I was keeping the theme in mind.

But this is nice. The Spirit of the Lord is who comes first. The first and foremost feature of God’s love for us is the Holy Spirit Himself – gentle and faithful. He is our Constant, and He is who comes before our so-called Core Competencies.

I thought I’d be more specific, but the Holy Spirit isn’t exactly vague when you think about it. As such, I’ll go ahead and keep talking towards that, for the Sundays to come.

Let’s stop here, and ruminate on what we have up to this point.

The rest will follow.

Until the next post, God bless you.

And I could stop there. I could go ahead and say that in all that I have going on for me, it’s just a matter of me being mindful of the Spirit poured down upon me and consequently in all of my endeavors, so that success – in the form of God being glorified, at the very least – is guaranteed. I could go ahead and say that on top of what Dad used to quote – Proverbs 16:3, that is – “commit your works to the Lord and your plans/thoughts will be established”; But I also have reason to believe that the Lord has committed His Spirit to us and our works, and as such, our plans/thought will be established.

Sounds good, yeah? I think we could do more, though. For see, I went ahead and clarified something else that one Sunday. I asked, is it that we give, so we would be blessed? Or is it that we give, BECAUSE we are blessed? I used to adamantly agree that it was the latter, but nowadays I must say, yes. Or, it’s both. Consider two possibilities: we give, so we would be blessed with more space to receive. Or, because we’ve been blessed with so much, we give. However we see it, and whether we give or not, the point and focus is we are blessed, and blessed indeed.

And it’s the same thing with what we were talking about – is it all about our lifting up our praises to the Lord, or is it about the Lord pouring down His Spirit to us? I still have the propensity to say the latter, but for reasons of progression, let me say, it’s both. No, I’m not forgetting that the focus isn’t on us – but see, that’s how close Christ is to us: So close, that we see Him in ourselves and each other. And whether we give more emphasis to our praises, or His Spirit poured upon us, the point and focus is that He is Lord, and Lord of Lords, indeed.

And as I revisit this, I come to a realization – if we claim that we’re always learning, it means that we are always repenting – that is, we are always being transformed, and transformed as our minds are being renewed. Much focus has been given on an adage that I still find of high value, even up until today: That line regarding our need to evolve, and how it involves our learning, re-learning, and un-learning.

We just talked about giving and worshipping, and we’ve noticed that the focus is not on placing one option over the other, but rather, on what is true no matter what option is taken. Perhaps it’s another way of us to be brought to consider: We’re no longer bound to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that would have us choose between one option or the other… But because of what Christ has done for us, we have been grafted, and therefore assimilated; our entire beings, mind, body, soul, and spirit, along with our mindset, attitude, perspective and outlook, all assimilated to the Tree of Life – and Life, that is constant, absolute, and present no matter what options are presented to us in this reality.

Here’s an update, by the way. I did speak last Sunday on that First Constant, and I tried as much as I can to present that one Constant that is present for all of us in the Body of Christ is the Holy Spirit. I’m not going to back down on that claim and that consideration, but I will line it up with a parallel: That is, because we do have the Holy Spirit in each and every one of us, I believe this is what brings us to realizing and appreciating we have something superior to the mindset we’ve been wired to before Christ saved us: That is, that we have Life, and Life beyond good and evil.

And with that said, if there’s any un-learning for us to do at this point, it’s to be in our de-prioritizing the old mindset of knowledge of good and evil; I believe that part of the salvation we have in Christ is that this mindset has been knocked off of its pedestal in our minds, and eternal life, as well as everlasting love has taken its place.

In place of right and wrong, we have something superior – eternal life that goes beyond mere words and guidelines.

In place of good and evil, we have something absolute – everlasting love that goes beyond theory and principle.

We have Life, and we have Love; and as far as I’m going right now, it’s all realized, it’s all manifested in no less than the Holy Spirit, poured out upon us.

Much build-up towards a single point.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Christ.

After His resurrection, He tells the disciples to receive the Holy Spirit. He did not speak to them regarding what He did and to make it an example for them to follow if they wanted to continue being His disciples.

After His ascension, they receive the Holy Spirit. They didn’t receive a 4-point Leadership Seminar. Nor did they receive keys to the Colosseum.

Consequently, we don’t have philosophy, mindset, location, preferences, or culture in common. We’re the Body of Christ more than anything else. So what we have is not mere Common Ground, but a Common Life, and Common Love. We have the Holy Spirit in common.

I think I’ll stop here. But I’ll continue to push this thought. I’ll continue to go deeper, by the grace of God.

Until the next post, God bless you.

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