Concerned About You(Tube) (System Check, pt 1) – December 14, 2022 (373/365)

As probably some of you know, I don’t necessarily agree with my direct supervisor on everything. In fact, there are still instances where I downright question him down to his way of thinking and his reasoning.

There is, however, one idea I seem to be gravitating towards agreeing with him on, and actually acting on it. And I’m pretty sure he quickly got this from a book somewhere, but nevertheless, it’s something I’m considering and something I may actually include as part of my upcoming messages, commemorating the end of 2022 and celebrating the beginning of 2023.

And before anything else, I need to stop here and remind myself, that the period of December 31 and January 1 is just a transition towards another day. I need to remind myself of this before I fall into the trap of making it more than what it actually is. Sure, we’re ending a year and starting a new one, but we’re also ending a day and starting a new one, just like every other day we’ve lived through.

Anyway, this idea was sort of birthed from a question he asked us when we as leadership came together in a monthly meeting – It’s pretty simple, he wanted to know what systems we had in place. And today, before I venture to answer what actual systems we have for my team and the ministry I’m involved in, I suppose I should answer the question for myself; or, what systems do I have, personally?

The way I see it, I’m going to be clarifying on my definition of systems as I go along. But the first thing that came into mind was daily routines – or, sure, daily systems, if you want to call them that. And I feel for the sake of learning and correction, I think I should share the system that’s actually in place versus the system I want.

I’ve been waking up right before 7am lately, but I usually just stir and stay in bed, snoozing. I fight the urge to check on the cellphone while I’m still in bed, but too many instances I find myself passing the time by checking any notifications that I assume came in through the night and looking up 10-15 minute YouTube videos.

8am is a crucial time for me. I force myself out of bed around 7:50am to give time for my desktop to fire up, and as soon as I’m logged in I go to certain websites to claim resources before the clock hits the cut-off time (which, again, is 8am). What websites? I won’t share, but I will say they aren’t really too crucial and critical in terms of the daily returns; it’s just nice to stay consistent in claiming, because I guess part of me still believes they’ll be of value given enough time.

It’s sort of a toss-up after 8am. I usually take a look at Social Media and I find myself wanting to look on YouTube for videos to play on the background. After 8am I actually have the opportunity to get into working out, but lately I’ve also been wanting to get some sun; so that’s what I do for, oh, 10-15 minutes, as advised by, well, YouTube. Again.

Funny how I’ve mentioned YouTube at least three times so far, and it’s still just the beginning of the day. Anyway, at this point I either work on creating content for Social Media, or I write something; if I’m not creating content, I’m getting myself ready to work out – meaning changing to more comfortable clothes, and doing my stretch. And speaking of my stretch, it involves my full body where I do moves based on what I’ve learned through the years, through P90X, Insanity, Grade School PE, my friends in fitness, etc.; Recently I’ve noticed that I like doing each stretch with the 1-8-1 count, doing at least 2 deep breaths through my nose, within the count.

And so one goes before the other, but most of the time it’s me ‘creating content’ before working out. I put quotes there because I find myself being too engrossed in the YouTube video that’s playing, and it’s on the main screen so I either minimize it and let it play in the background if I can as I work on another window, or I whip out the phone and get distracted there. I’ve noticed that while YouTube is playing in the PC, I also catch myself going through YouTube app on the phone – as if the experience there was different. What’s even more painful is that I know what I should be doing – scheduling posts for Instagram, writing on topics that are in my head, getting started on or continuing on projects that would take more time that said posts, etc; but part of me, what I’m assuming is a faulty and outdated mindset, thinks that I should have some sort of YouTube video playing in the background, in the name of ‘multitasking’ (???).

At the beginning I wasn’t so sure why I jumped into writing about my routine but it looks like I’ve uncovered some major areas of improvement. I mean, here I was thinking that I took too much time before working out, but it seems as if there’s even more to face and handle than factors affecting my workout. This whole ‘need’ for me to have something playing? This obviously needs to stop.

But let’s keep on going. I’d work out long enough for my bath water to boil on the gas range. I’d clean up the workout area, and if I boxed, I’d clean the gloves. Funny because I catch myself wanting another YouTube video playing while I clean up. That’s right, I play a 10 minute video to play while it takes 3 minutes for me to clean up… so I sit down for the remainder of the video, which isn’t as interesting as I thought, so I look for another video. Drat.

Anyway, okay. After taking a bath and getting dressed, if food is ready, I have a meal. And lately I’ve been pushing for having just one meal a day. All that talk about me losing 30 pounds since 2018? Well apparently last I checked I gained 20 back. Boo. Recently I’ve been having a meal while playing Everybody Loves Raymond. I really should just eat. I should be present in my meal. I think it’s true that you eat more if you’re watching TV or on the PC while you do.

And after that? Well, I take my supplements… and sad to say, I bum around for the rest of the day. It’s mostly me passing the time playing YouTube, being on the phone, or playing something on Steam, and I continue to create content in between. I know, it should at least be the other way around. And even here – I know what I could be doing. There’s a whole bunch of books to read, and a lot of unfinished courses to take.

One thing though, is that if the weather is nice outside, and the sun shines so brightly on the house in front of us, so bright that it reflects into my office… I’m more inclined to take a drive out to shoot the sunset. Of course, this only applies if my Mom doesn’t have me drive her to wherever she needs to be – and she usually asks for a ride in the afternoon. So that’s another thing – I’m ‘standing by’.

After the sun sets I stay in the office and settle down, again, with YouTube playing in the background… and I’ve also been watching YouTube in bed, before I sleep.

Wow. I didn’t expect this. Obviously something needs to be changed. But for now, I need a break.

Until the next post coming soon, God bless you.

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