The Truth Of Peace – December 13, 2022 (372/365)

‘Information leads to outrage, leads to stalling, leads to complacency.

Rinse, repeat, and begin again.’

That there was a line from one Upper Echelon channel from YouTube. He was talking about his take on the Twitter Files, and then he ended up saying this, as a conclusion.

It seems to be a cycle that is continually and effectively exploited, in all levels of power. Someone does something, and the people get outraged… but given enough time, the anger or the passion of the masses would die down, and then they would eventually let it all slide… until the next outraging event happens. It leaves me frustrated, thinking, who is responsible for all of this? And what are they to gain from the continual stimulation of the minds of the people?

I suppose there isn’t a singular entity that is pulling the strings for each and every time this strategy is employed. I mean, that’s what it is – a move. This entire cycle of provocation and delay is a tactic, a tool, and a means to an end. And as to what there is to gain… well, I suppose as long as a whole lot of people buy into the provocation, they’re automatically in the rest of the cycle. This means that the more people are provoked the more likely they are to seek some sort of explanation, or resolution, or at least some sort of reasoning.

And there it is. The whole aim of it is to rile up the people, so they are either led to move from the thought being pushed to them, and/or they are distracted from the thought the aggressor is keeping them from thinking. The vital thing is to get the people outraged.

With that said, if we’re outraged about anything, apparently we ought to be thinking of how we’ve been played.

It was in the final days of 2015 that I experienced such a great sorrow – The breaking of an engagement, the end of a relationship. I only dare to dig it back up, if only to share one song that was seemingly being played over and over in my mind, perhaps to minister to my entire being during that time of full vulnerability. It was a song that played as I wept on the bus rides home from Manila, a song by Maranatha, derived from John 14:27. I think how it was composed and worded was what I needed at the time, because it was sung with the perspective of Christ Himself not only saying, but singing to us:

My peace I gave unto you,

It’s a peace that the world cannot give,

Its a peace that the world cannot understand.

Peace to know, peace to live,

My peace I gave unto you.

Oh, just to imagine it being played right now… after almost 7 years, the words still get to me.

But I share this song today, as we live in a world that wants us constantly outraged. I believe we in the body of Christ have such an opportunity to tip the scales. I mean, it’s not as if we would be disturbed – being in Christ doesn’t necessarily free us for absolutely all information that has been formed with the intention of outraging us. But the point is, in the midst of this literal information overload, we have this Peace that Christ gives unto us; and I believe that this Peace we have in Christ is one that is infinite and eternal. This means that even if we may be rattled, confused, and outraged for a moment, it wouldn’t last nearly as long as the everlasting peace we have in Christ, which is present in us and is projected through us, even here and now.

It truly is a Peace that is out of this world… because if you do consider the peace the world proposes, it has the opposite effect – it only lasts for a moment, but it would last nearly as long as the sin and death which we’ve suffered under for millennia, that would eventually bring us back to being rattled, confused, and outraged.

While the rest of the world fights over fact and fake news, we don’t necessarily have to be as fixated as the rest of the world… for we enjoy the Truth, which has set us free right from the beginning of our walk with the Way.

So when we are outraged, we have Peace.

When we are led to and fro by facts and information here and there, let us find our footing in no less than the Truth, which is absolute and therefore absolutely superior to the finite facts and rules within the confines of this reality.

See, that’s how the Truth sets us free. It sets us free from agonizing over any other thing that claims to be absolute. But the Truth is not only infinite, but it is timeless. It is not a concept, nor is it a thing; It is the Son of God who is the Truth, and He is alive; and not only is He alive, but He lives forever, seated at the right hand of God. Jesus, who is the Truth, is matchless in glory and power; but on the other hand, He is also our Good Shepherd – He IS Good, and is for us, and not against us.

This is our Savior, folks. He hasn’t been given the title of the Prince of Peace for nothing. He is the authority when it comes to true Peace, and this is a Peace that is divine – one the world cannot give. It’s a Peace endless and beyond our senses and imagination, therefore one we could not understand, but one we’d rather trust. In that regard, it is a Peace to keep on knowing, and in the process of knowing more and more of Christ, we continue to live, move and have our being in Him.

He gives us His peace, because He IS Peace.

And that’s the Truth that stands, no matter how subtle people or powers try to control us.

I’m sorry, I just wanted to let this out of my chest tonight, in light of the many other things that I need to write about in the coming days.

Until the next post, God bless you.

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