Turn, Turn, Turn – April 21, 2022 (111/365)

My eyes are strained and it looks like I’m definitely turning in earlier tonight. I can’t afford to waste tomorrow like I did today. And what a bad day this was… well, in some aspects at least. I wasn’t able to work out and all that I set off to do since the beginning of the week – well, some of the stuff, anyway – is still in the pending list.

But on the upside I have tamed the dragon – the new laptop, that is. I’ve been putting it into good use, essentially wrangling it into submission throughout the day, putting in everything that I needed in it, from utilities to training software and other little things here and there. Once it got used to the weight, I got more comfortable with it… and here I am, actually typing on it. I am confident that it will give me years – decades? – of fine service, in the name of all that I hold dear in this world.

Call this a baptism of sorts. Call this a dedication. What I have under my control is yet another device to multiply potential, to get more done, in celebration of the powers that saved me, that more and more people would see the same Divine Will that is for them, and not against them.

Right about now I’d be calling Rafiki to lift this laptop up on Pride Rock while the Circle of Life plays in the background.

Ah, yes. The Circle of Life. If we aren’t careful, we may lose the bigger picture; We may dive too deep into what doesn’t really deserve our focus, and all that’ll be left is us looking for Life while we keep running around in Circles. These days leading to the day I turn another year in this wretched world – they leave me bombarded by outdated inner software and relentless outer sources, to leave me exactly in that state of misery… where it would be considered mercy if someone would but tell me that I shouldn’t give away my focus so easily.

Which leads me to the gibberish I mentioned last night… about being fluid and about being present in the moment. Though I have to admit this isn’t the first step to take – no, it may be a goal, or at the very least, a milestone, but the first step to take, least in my point of view, is to establish what I could have working along with me while I am present in one thing. In other words, multiple relationships need to be established for multiple ventures to work at the same time, while we jump in on individual priorities, day by day.

So you set other things off, check on them every now and then, but for the most of your time, you’re focused on your passion.

This’ll sound like I’m justifying my purchase – and I guess I am justifying it – but the passion is why I have this new device in the first place. I needed to pass on the older device for our church, and bought this to meet my updated needs for what I aim to do, moving forward. So far it’s had me working on this device since late last night, again, taming the beast so I’m ready for anything as this month closes, and as we start a new one.

Almost immediately a voice tells me that I didn’t necessarily have to buy a new device – If I was practical, I’d be frugal, and I could have done more research – it was actually possible for me to do learning by way of practical application with the resources I had prior to buying this laptop… But again, just like I’ve been doing work up in my brain regarding what needs to be upgraded and what needs to be removed, I guess it all just came together to get me to finally grow some balls to facilitate the purchase of this device… a precursor for what other new devices to buy, new ventures to take, etc.

It’s been a wild ride so far, if you see it one way; On the other hand, it could be a lot better… and it IS getting better, starting with what I have now.

Honestly, I was tempted to end the writing streak today, to sleep and rest so I could wake up earlier tomorrow and type to play catch up. But I don’t know, I’d probably be as disappointed as every other Undertaker fan as he lost to Brock Lesnar in that one Wrestlemania. I mean, come on. Someone else could have done it.

Anyway, yeah. The streak just has to happen. And I don’t know what you’re getting from all this – if you’ve noticed, I’ve gone and taken a new ‘approach’ as to how to hit my quota. I’m probably in one of those phases once again, and I do thank you for your continued support even in these low times.

And it’s not like I won’t be typing tomorrow – no, there’s a whole bunch of things to type, which won’t necessarily be shared here but elsewhere – I may end up writing my thousand words first thing in the morning – if not, before I turn in tomorrow. What’s important is, and I’m punching myself as I type this – it’s to get things DONE. I’ve been slacking. Time for all of that to change. I’ve had my fun.

Time to take a step back. Time to recognize the cycles; it’s not necessary to dwell on them, but allow them their time in the mind, process it all with passion and being present, but don’t keep them as hostages. Thoughts come, thoughts are addressed, and thoughts leave… and we are confident to allow this sort of movement, knowing that in freedom, everybody thrives.

Through the Circles we have a new perspective on Life. I swear, that’ll sound a whole lot more appealing to run with instead of a carefree song sung by a meerkat and a warthog while eating bugs. More on that some other time, I guess.

God bless us all.

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