Fools Rush In – April 22, 2022 (112/365)

Damn it, I BEAT the clock, only to find out I posted these damned words on the wrong blog.

Sorry. Better stuff tomorrow. I’m just bummed I broke my streak.

Sometime earlier today I realized how I ought to be extremely critical about why I’m attracted or drawn to certain people. I’ve learned to take away all sorts of assumptions – rather, I’ve learned to see all of these assumptions as they are, versus giving in to the tendency of inflating them to everything that the person actually is.

I know that people are obviously more than what we imagine them to be, and insisting on our assumptions is not doing them any favors – we think we’re respecting them by adoring (or, to be honest, detesting) them, but we’re really insulting their existence… reducing them to what we think they are.

I don’t know where that is all coming from, but it does help me get over certain mindsets. It also helps to remind myself that I have… well, let’s call it more updated software. I’ve had a ton of firmware updates since 20 years ago.

I’ve finished what I needed to do today. Well, if I’m honest it’s more like I have the most time-sensitive task done, and I could do the rest tomorrow. If I’m a whole lot more honest I don’t have it completely finished – there’s a lot of finishing touches that need to be handled before I call it a finished product.

I’m pretty tempted to call it my thousand words for today, but it’s work. This is different. This is where I let off some steam, hence the chicken scratch I typed to start this ‘article’ off. But I guess I could share a couple things here and there about what I learned while I was typing.

I know I have my tendencies to be introverted, and I know I’d rather be alone, most times. But when it comes to roles and duties serving a cause greater than yourself, it’ll become glaringly obvious that you couldn’t work all by yourself. I mean, sure, you can, but you’re going to need help if you want to remain of any significant use to the said cause. Greater causes need greater people, and greater people certainly do not work on their own.

I know I say stuff like I ought to build my own temple before I help others in building their own legacies or whatever they have in mind. I know I say that we ought to work so we’re our own fans, and then other people would follow. But I’ve been seeing as of late that it doesn’t hurt to have other people’s perspectives leaving you questioning your narratives, or validating you so you’re sure you’re on the right path.

It doesn’t hurt to involve others in your own plans. Too long I’ve been keeping shut about what I’ve been up to on my own… and I think I need to let it all out to people I trust… and when it comes to people I trust, it’s not that I should lower my standards, but I should really just be more trusting. After all, I couldn’t control who listens to respond exactly the way I want them to, but I am sure that as Christ is alive in me, He is faithful to make everything work for my good. That includes the gibberish I say and type.

I said something about greater causes, but I think there’s something I missed out on there. Greater causes do need greater people, but in between are greater risks. Greater causes involve greater risks, justifying the involvement of more than one great person.

I don’t know where I’m going with all this, and if you’ve actually made it this far, well, thanks, I guess. I don’t know what else to share to you, and I’m forcing myself to flow, because I only have a few minutes before this day officially ends. I’m at a relative’s place, when I should have been home hours ago. It just so happens that everyone else is involved in a discussion so intense that I couldn’t just jump in and interrupt. Let’s just say a relative from abroad is about to leave and she has her problems to share and let out before she does end her vacation with us.

I’m just glad I brought my laptop. And speaking about this laptop, well, it’s working really good so far. Serving my needs without any hiccups – nothing really extreme, anyway. I’ve intentionally left the charger for this thing at home, because I’m expecting the battery on this thing to hold if in case I needed to use it… and I’m definitely using it right now.

I haven’t really pushed it to its limits, hardware wise – I can only go as far as vouching for the battery. By the way, if you’re looking for a new laptop, you want to make sure that you have good battery life on the thing. You may have a different experience hands on but it’s always a good thing for you to do your homework by way of watching related videos, or reading reviews from people who’ve purchased the model you’re looking at.

Sites like are a real help. Provided you find the model you’re looking for on the site you’ll be presented with analysis on stuff like build quality, battery life, and graphics and processor performance. I personally appreciated how they also share how you can upgrade the laptop in the future.

Yeah. I guess that’s what I’m sharing tonight, with a minute and a bit left on the clock. Is there anything else I want to share? Well, God loves you and He loves you with everything in His being. I know this because of Christ and His finished work.

God bless us all.

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