Peace, O My Soul – March 4, 2022 (63/2022)

I should be coming up with my message for this coming Sunday, but I made the smart decision of deliberately sabotaging myself, physically and mentally, so now I’m not only in a blank state, but in a mood that isn’t necessarily a boost forward, more like dead weight.

My reflex, my go-to state of mind in these particular cases is just to start by saying: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, and His mercies never come to an end.

Yes, this is the Truth that not only sets me free, but cuts me loose from anything and everything else that tries to tie me down – thoughts and mindsets that once plagued my brain and the rest of my system, leaving me a slave to impulsive decisions and short-sighted, ultimately false comforts. I have a lot of trash and other things in my head right now, but I choose to keep it all together only because of Christ, who currently serves as the Hope which is an anchor to my soul.

The waves of doubt and blank thought may drag my ship down, the winds may blow me in one and all directions at once, but I will not be moved, nor will I be intimidated – For behold, the Lord, my Savior, Jesus Christ, He is with me on the same boat, and while I’m in the boat trying to keep myself together, He is, as He was with the disciples back in the days we walked the earth – sleeping. Resting. At peace, no matter how hard the weather and the water beats down on the boat.

This is the same Christ who not only can rest in these circumstances, but behold, He also walks – WALKS – on the water. No matter how the waves may push things to and fro, and no matter how anything else is easily under the mercy of the waters, Christ walks on it. He is over the waters, and if He is among the waters, He is resting. Just as the Holy Spirit was among the depths in the beginning of all things, so Christ is at peace with the waters, no matter how calm or crazy they may get.

Indeed, I find no more comfort in anyone or anything or anywhere else – than in Christ, the Cornerstone, in whom I live, in whom I move, and in whom I have my being.

Even at these times, when I bring the anxieties upon myself, when I am bombarded by temptation to be intimidated by stress, real and imagined – Oh, praise His name, because through the power of His Holy Spirit, and in His infinite wisdom, I am constantly, faithfully reminded of how He has made me a new creation, unbound by sin, death and fear. I am constantly, faithfully reminded of how He has not only taken charge of re-creating me, but He has also paid such a great price to ensure that I am kept together; He has done so much, and by His grace, He moves, and I am held together.

My God. We may take so many measures and take so many precautions to uphold and maintain the structures we would establish for ourselves and our loved ones in this reality, while being aware of Your steadfast love, and Your unwavering presence… I am brought to mentioning, Father, that You Yourself took Your time to painstakingly and carefully cover all details of creation within the span of seven days, yet it took a mere moment for Adam and Eve to take a bite out of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.

Similarly, it doesn’t take too long for our minds to be wiped, and our physical systems to be brought into a state of lethargy whenever we stumble in this world. Father, this used to be so discouraging, and it still has so much impact – I suppose part of me should be thankful that I still see it this way – But I am thankful, yes, so grateful for the Truth, the Truth You established in Your Word, which seems to be ready for times that those in the body of Christ are sure to go through.

I am thankful, in particular, for the Word You mentioned, where You said through those You have led that You are certainly and absolutely faithful to us, even when we lack the faith ourselves. Father, I have seen and felt and suffered – if there was no other consequence for the sins and the old ways we commit, the one thing that is guaranteed to happen still literally hurts like hell – that we would just feel that fear again! Oh that fear that once controlled us and was in every fiber of our beings knocks at our doors every time we stumble, every time we inadvertently remind ourselves of sin and death…

But praise be to God! For in times like this, especially in times like this, again I say, You are faithful! Your steadfast love is especially present, flowing in and through me through these times of distress. Your mercies – Yes, I am reminded of Your mercies which are fresh and new for today’s events, just as they will be fresh and new for tomorrow, as well!

I am thankful, so grateful, that I could keep coming back to the sure footing of Christ, my Rock.

Christ, my Living Word, and Christ, my Word of Life. Christ, who reminds me of His Word in all aspects of Life, Christ, who is the Life ever present in and through all of my words.

Oh, I am thankful, my Father, for You allow me to flourish and flow, even during these times that I put myself in such handicaps. I am thankful, so grateful, for Your faithfulness.

Dear reader, if You find yourself in a particular state of mind, do not hesitate to default to Christ, who is also your Living Word – Let Him give You the words of encouragement. Trust Him – the same Savior who knows each and every one of us by name, surely He knows the Word to be fitly spoken to you.

Remember Christ, who is your Word of Life – Let Him speak Life, down to the shadows of your being nobody has ever seen. Let His light drive away the darkness.

Friends in the body of Christ, fellow beloved in Christ, and to myself: Remember that even in these times of trial, in these times of testing, in these times of blankness and anxiety, even in these sorts of times… Christ’s birth, death, resurrection and ascension have guaranteed that we move from glory to greater glory, brighter and brighter unto the new day.

Father, thank You. Jesus, thank You. Holy Spirit, be magnified and praised. Thank You.

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