January 18, 2021: Publishing this before it remains in my notes forever. I am fully committed to revisiting and refining this Foundation as I go along. I just need it up and running first. I imagine this to be the first in a series of messages I’m intent on putting together, and, God willing, it all comes together to explain and supplement the main thought I have in mind: That is, of Novus Ordo Aeternum, the new order for all eternity. -jbl

January 27, 2021: Minor updates.

Consider that everyone has a Foundation – that is, our Base, our Beginning; the thought, the object, the person which bears the full load of our reality; the basis of our life. As such, it holds critical value to our existence.

Picture our Beliefs as buildings. We build these Beliefs upon our Foundation. Consider that we build upon our Foundation every time we appreciate it, and we appreciate our Foundation by building upon it. By understanding this link, you can ask anyone about their Beliefs and chances are you will determine their Foundation. 

We lay buildings of Belief upon our Foundation, or we may build Belief compounding upon Belief, but it all stands upon the Foundation, one way or the other. As a result of our continued existence in this reality, it could not be avoided that we add, if not strengthen what Beliefs we have. If necessary we tear down a Belief to make space for something better. We unlearn what we decide is obsolete, we revisit or relearn what needs updating/improving.

Given enough time and consequent ‘building’, we expand. We expand horizontally (our borders), and/or vertically (we reach higher).

While I see all this taking place in our thinking, I think it would be natural and inevitable for our Beliefs to eventually manifest in and through the rest of our Being: Our Body, our Soul, and our Spirit.

Our Being is birthed from our Beliefs, and our Beliefs are built upon our Foundation, for and from it.

Break a man’s Foundation, and you break the entire man.

Anything and everything we think and feel in this finite reality are candidates for one’s Foundation.

With that said, it would take a finite amount of time and resources for a finite mind to learn and master all there is to know about a fellow created (finite) person, place, object, or idea. With that said, eventually, anything finite that we call our foundation would succumb to its ultimate flaw – that is, of being finite. Limited.

Finite is as finite grasps. Creation can only go so far.

And a finite mind cannot possibly contain an infinite, unlimited Creator. Therefore in terms of glory and magnificence, God is a Foundation superior to any other sort of foundation we can fashion for ourselves from within creation.

The Word speaks of how we are, as creations made finite by the fall, absolutely insatiable. The Proverbs elaborate on creation that cannot be satisfied – barren wombs and deserts, hell and fire (Proverbs 30:15-16). Christ Himself rebuked the Pharisees for ‘straining out a gnat’ and ‘swallowing a camel’ (Matthew 23:24); their demands never satisfied.

Finite creations seize anything and can still be left with nothing. In fact, we could have everything we can possibly have in this reality and still end up empty.

I’ve heard from preachers and pastors that we all have ‘God-sized holes in our hearts’; There was a time I used to say this, but today, I wouldn’t subscribe to this too quickly.

We aren’t incomplete puzzles. I think a better way for us to interpret the root of our finite condition is in that we, through sin, have been cut off from an infinite life. Our finite condition is one side of the coin – we are finite. We have an end. We die.

The other side to this is that we aren’t infinite. We have been cut off from the endless and eternal God, who lives forever. Therefore, we have an end. Therefore, having no solid foothold on the infinite, we – our entire being – would die.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, and through Christ who causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him, and are called by His purpose, I declare that the only sure foundation is an infinite and eternal Foundation. Christ is my Foundation.

I believe that the moment we are brought to count even the smallest of thoughts on Christ as our Foundation, everything changes. And we, while in this world, embark on an adventure that would have us understand what it means to be creation embraced by an infinite Creator of a Saviour. The smallest crack in a dam would eventually cause the entire structure to give way to the great force of an infinite river.

And Christ, in this context, is this infinite River. It is through Christ that we see how the glory of an infinite Creator can possibly be evident in all of Creation. Through Christ our beings behold the signature of an infinite Creator in all that is finite, more and more and more.

God is truly matchless in splendor. He is glorious in that He is the Truth that stands, even when all facts fade.We would see how He is absolutely glorious in that He cannot possibly be represented by idols, ideals, or ideas – God forbid! For us to even make such assumptions and calling them the entirety of an infinite God is not just sacrilege (as most of us would call it immediately), but preposterous! 

Our assumptions and consequent fears were broken when, in the fullness of time, our finite eyes were able to behold the truth of God, in the form of Jesus Christ.

Through Christ’s finished work, we were brought to the understanding that this almighty God loves us with an infinite, eternal, and everlasting love.

God is infinitely glorious, and we can certainly place our full trust and hope in this unseen yet infinite Creator, because of Christ and His finished work.

Christ is the Foundation.

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