January 21, 2021: Also publishing this before it remains in my notes forever. And as in Foundation, I am fully committed to revisiting and refining this as I go along. I just need it up and running first.

January 30, 2021: Minor updates to verbiage and positioning.

Through Christ’s finished work, we were brought to the understanding that this almighty God loves us with an infinite, eternal, and everlasting love.

God is infinitely glorious, and we can certainly place our full trust and hope in this unseen yet infinite Creator, because of Christ and His finished work.

Christ is the Foundation.

Flow: Formations From Foundation

Christ is the Foundation. Oh, see all that can be built upon the Rock!

Christ is the Foundation on whom I stand and say that I can trust and hope in God as a good Father. This is because it is in Christ and His finished work that we behold everything else we need to know about God – His love, His grace, His mercy. John 14:9 says “Whoever has seen (Christ) has seen the Father.” Christ is a great starting point to understanding the true nature of God.

Christ is the Foundation, the Gospel from whom we understand and realize for ourselves that true love is found in God, and God is found in love. We cannot separate the essence of love from the identity of God, and vice versa. God is everlasting, and only God can love us as He says – with an everlasting, and infinite Love.

Christ is the Foundation on whom I see and proclaim that God’s infinite love is the reason for my entire existence. Because of His finished work I am confident that all of me is from God’s grace, held together in God’s mercy, all for the eternal glory of God.

Christ is the Foundation, my further basis for me to call God my Creator, and Christ as the sole Author and the Finisher of my faith. This triune God created me, and He is faithful to finish the work He began in me. It is truly as Paul said when he wrote to the Corinthians – In Christ I was made, and in Christ I am held together.

Christ is the Foundation. He is the solid Rock. He is the infinite Truth who, by His Spirit, reveals all Truth to us. He is the living Hope which serves as an Anchor for our souls. This unending revelation and consistent hope brings us to say that upon the Foundation of Christ, man not only stands firm, but thrives. Creation must look to no less than the Creator for a sure Foundation.

Christ is, and therefore I am.  

Christus Est, Ergo Sum.

Drilling Deeper – Giving in to Wonder

Consider: Christ is the ONLY Foundation that is as Static and Dynamic. Christ is Vacuum AND Singularity. Beginning AND End.

As we celebrate our eternal union with Christ, we grow. Eventually I believe, that all who would believe, would come to the realization that Christ is all, in all, for all, through all.

Everything else in Creation is too absolute to accommodate everything or too dynamic to be reliable. Only the infinite and eternal Creator, who is solid as rock, yet liquid as water is worthy to be the Truth who stands forever.   

Christ is Faithful, sure as waters move. He is living, breathing proof of God’s everlasting love towards us. Holding nothing back, He stepped down from His throne of eternal glory to be born as one of us; Not stopping there, He lay down His entire existence (All of His possessions, His reputation, and His life), for all who would believe to be saved. 

Christ is Truth, strong as rocks stand. He is the literal representation of God’s infinite greatness, simply because death could not hold Him down. Christ is greater than death, and is therefore greater than sin that demands death.   

Christ is Faithful and True.

(Watch This Space! -jbl)

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