Day 16

Out of bed by around 9 today? I chose to just play Fallout for a bit. Glad it didn’t bug out on me as much this time.. there were still bugs, though. Enough, actually, for me to start really thinking if it’s even worth my time anymore to be playing this much. So yeah, a milestone in a way. I checked on IBM Day Z but I guess I didn’t see any topics I was interested in… maybe I’ll take a bigger look again later.

I tried strumming and singing my tentative lineup for the Anniversary and remembered, I’m not going to have a lot of people singing along with me… so I’m thinking of bringing the key down to an easier step, like from D to C… we’ll see it I’m able to catch up when the actual time comes for me to sing. Db, even.

Somewhere in this time I tended to the plants and the rooms. May I also note for the record that it was windy the whole night last night up until morning through noon; I guess there’s a typhoon.

Anyway after all this I went ahead and worked out. Stretched first – I came out of bed all achy. Worked out any kinks through the shadow boxing I did, which I followed up with one Dumbbell death march round. I fired up coursera and eventually finished Week 1 today; during one video I was able to sneak in 3 sets of 5 bicep curls to 10 shrugs to 5 hammer curls to 10 more shrugs. I also tried doing some pseudo planche pushups facing the wall… need more practice there. Thought I’d also try keeping the upper body under longer tension: lateral grip pull up to a knee up to a knee raise to a dragon flag descent, another knee raised and then another pull up. Pulled off 3 of these straight, but releasing in between. Maybe I should try less stuff in between pullups, but to keep the grip the whole time.

I went ahead and took a quick bath after this… oh, but not before changing my profile picture temporarily; Dad died 9 years ago, today. I kind of ‘greeted’ mom.

Lunch was camote, broccoli, and leftover chicken curry. Slightly proud of myself for not craving dessert, but the sweet potato took care of me I guess. Watched an episode of Dragon Ball.

I also tried to continue the ethical hacking course on Udemy but the internet wasn’t cooperating. Mom wanted to go out, so we headed to BDO first, and then to BWD. After BWD we headed to the Cathedral again to see the organic vegetable store. I was able to get in and park, so Mom went to where she wanted to go while I stepped into Porta Vaga to take a piss. I swear, the way there aren’t a lot of people in the malls, you’d swear you were playing Grand Theft Auto.

After Mom got what she needed (well not exactly, she rarely gets the kale she looks for nowadays, and we were too late for their carrots), we headed over to the Orchidarium for her to get more pots to plant in. Plantmania confirmed, I was able to find parking, but there were, in mom’s perspective anyway, more people buying plants. People – mostly old mamas – were getting caught in our parks snipping branches off of ornamental plants and selling them for significantly higher online.

It was around 5pm when we got home, but Mom wanted to go back out with me – I shot the sunset while she brought relief goods to a church member in need who lived very near the spot I shoot in over in Bakakeng. I got a good timelapse today.

Soon as we got back home, well, I ate again. The curry was just waiting to be mixed with rice… but it all turned into a failure. You’d usually do well to cook fried rice with old rice, but in this case it was too old – mushy like. It felt like sludge as I swallowed it. Not satisfied, I had bread after that. Mea maxima culpa.

I’m wiped out from my Forex trading again, unfortunately. I guess I need a little break and a remedial class (more like a re-read) of all the resources I’ve accumulated since I started thinking I can make a name for myself from all this. I’m not giving up yet.

HIGH: Spent some good time with Mom today. Shot a nice time lapse. Finished Week 1 for Coursera.
LOW: Ate a little more today. Wiped out on Forex.

Fallout 4 wasn’t buggy tonight for some reason, so I went ahead and played a little more. Oh, also, I uploaded the Facebook Live videos of our sermons last week into Youtube and onto WordPress.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: See Above
  • Run: None, Shadow Boxing.
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 5620
  • Trades: 6 Trades from Telegram. Wipeout.
  • Worship songs: None

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • More Coursera Cybersecurity
  • More uDemy Ethical Hacking
  • Look up NAS tech, Punching Bag stand? – Is this the right time to spend? (cue demon emoji)
  • Post Good News
  • Post _jibee/FB – On thoughts today Posted for Dad today
  • Have tire checked?
  • Practice lineup
  • IBM Day Z?

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • More Coursera Cybersecurity
  • More uDemy Ethical Hacking
  • More Security+
  • Data Science Project / Consider what you remember from Geopolitics?
  • Look up NAS tech, Punching Bag stand? – Is this the right time to spend? (cue demon emoji)
  • Post Good News
  • Post _jibee/FB – with new Good News Frame?
  • Have tire checked?
  • Write on Message this Sunday
  • Write on Jonas/Tita Nitz
  • Talk to Jandel and Dox?

Additional Thought: Conquer yourself, conquer the world.

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