Day 17

As you’ll read, I was out till really late last night. Like there was no pandemic. Haha -JB

No electricity since early morning. I was in bed till around 11. Did the plants and the room; Cleaned up both utility bags and fixed my closet as well. Rearranged the workout mats. Had lunch – Dried fish (a.k.a. ‘Filipino Ham’, as Dad used to call it) on munggo and ampalaya with red rice, and a banana with coffee for afters. Soon as I was bathed and dressed and packed I headed out. 

Went to Good News, started to cross out items on the Task list. Paid Converge. Checked Joy and Jopet’s External HDDs – they couldn’t be fixed. A reminder for me to maybe start ordering stuff for a file server. Also, scheduled an appointment on DFA for document renewal. You never know when you’d be travelling again and it helps to be ready. Was doing all this in Pastor O’s old office. Pastor Ronnie was around and looking for fellowship but I didn’t want to leave without finishing anything, but when Brother Ibet passed by and left, they both left together. When I called them, they told me to swing by Sab-Atan in Dangwa station. We called Ptr Rey to join us as well. 

So I parked at Center Mall and hung out with them till around 5:15. Dropped Ptr Ronnie off at Good News (his car was parked there) and dropped Ptr Rey off at his house before I headed home. Soon as I got home I slacked a little but eventually called Mom and Manang for worship: Your Grace Is Enough, Power Of Your Love, Give Thanks. Headed back out again to meet the Horsemen, where we had red wine and really good conversations. We spent too much time, went past curfew but made it home safely. 

Talked to mom as soon as we got home, and she gave her wisdom on the matter. I headed upstairs to sleep after freshening up best I could. 

: Spent time with the 3 Horsemen of the Apocalypse today. LOW: Spent time with the 3 Horsemen of the Apocalypse today. 

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: None
  • Run: None
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 3647
  • Trades: None
  • Worship songs: Your Grace Is Enough, Power Of Your Love, Give Thanks

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Pay Converge
  • Passport Scheduled for October 1
  • Joy & Jopet’s drives cannot be quick formatted. They still have my mic

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • More Coursera Cybersecurity
  • More uDemy Ethical Hacking
  • More Security+
  • Data Science Project / Consider what you remember from Geopolitics?
  • Look up NAS tech, Punching Bag stand? – Is this the right time to spend? (cue demon emoji) also check out laptop battery, solar/wind power
  • Look up childhood experiments: Lemon Power, crystals
  • Post Good News
  • Have tire checked? 
  • Write on Message this Sunday
  • Write on Jonas/Tita Nitz 
  • Talk to Jandel and Dox

Additional Thought: Conquer yourself, conquer the world. 

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