Day 15

Slacked until 10:30. Finished one section of Coursera Cybersecurity Capstone: Breach Response Case Studies Week 1. Finished Section 3 of Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch. Recovered CompTIA Security+ CE Login, Refresh Module 1.1.

Registered for IBM Z Day, seems to start tomorrow at 4:00AM my time. Sleep early tonight? Looking into Lazada Affiliate Links. Played Fallout until 12:30.

Workout till 2: Nate Bower Shadow Boxing. 3 sets: 5 pullups to 5 lateral grip pull ups to 5 chin ups, 7 decline pushups to 7 regular pushups to 7 paralette pushups, 9 front/back lunges both legs to 9 squats. ATX 6-Pack Promise.

Took a bath and had lunch: Leftover chicken curry on red rice with Chinese malunggay – a good combination between the greens and the sauce. They complimented each other. Followed this up with cassava and kutchinta – Filipino rice ‘pastries’, for those of y’all who don’t know. Note that this was right after I watched something from Jeff Cavaliere where he explained that we shouldn’t totally cross carbs out of our diet, but we should make sure we avoid simple processed sugars. They were good, I’ll give them that – but less of that moving forward. I was watching Dragon Ball while eating.

I need more beef in the coming days

Soon after I drove Mom to the market, while I headed to Good News to attend the Tuesday meeting. We talked about policies and protocols that have to be followed to the tee, just to make sure that we aren’t suddenly closed down by a surprise government inspection. This, among other things. Anyway, Mom texts, and I leave before the meeting ends. We try going to the Cathedral for her to check the store that sells more organic produce, only to find out that parking is full… At this point Mom still could have gone inside while we waited, but I guess she shied away after I raised my voice. Not good.

Two of these during the pastors meeting

So we make our way back home, and I observe the sky to see if I should go out to shoot… only to see a prominent blue as the sun is supposedly setting. So I stay home and play as much Fallout as I could – Damned game started to bug on me, either in between locations or just crashing on me randomly. I wish it wouldn’t do that.

We worship at around 7:20 or so: Lord I Lift Your Name On High, Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty, Glorify Thy Name. I had to rush upstairs because I had a meeting with my worship team at 8pm, but not before raising my voice again as Mom preach-prayed (my term for unnecessary commentary while supposedly conversing with God, who knows everything) 2 Chronicles 7:14 – I just couldn’t keep my silence! These ‘Christian’ charlatans and ‘prophets’ are spreading their false perspectives, and they certainly have influenced my Mom, and I HATE IT! I walk out on them before they read Psalm 91, and I bring the guitar upstairs to let off some steam before the meeting.

The meeting? Well, here are notes from the conversation:

Hello there. Sorry for the technical mess up this evening, looks like we’ll do FB video calls na lang next time around.

Anyway, just wanted to update everyone on the lineup. We’re going to have just 1 worship leader and we’re allowed 2 backup singers on the 27th. Ladies, please talk among yourselves as to who will take those backups slots if ever.

Tentative lineup is as follows: The Anchor by Life Church Worship Waymaker by Leeland No Other Name, Pastor Oscar’s go to song

I only say tentative but I am pushing more for Waymaker and No Other Name, I hope you guys feel the same way

If time allows we can add another opening song. Take note that our worship slot is timed and we need to adhere to a certain limit. No worries about that.

(obviously I could have elaborated on this separately, but hey, this works too, doesn’t it?)

After this I had a video call with Tita Nitz. We talked about church, and covid. We talked about the message, and whole lot of other things, but we ended with this gem of a reminder: Delight yourself in the Lord. Most of these so-called prophets would have us focused on ‘yourself in the Lord’, like you needed to move the heavens and the earth (while maintaining social distancing, take note) to be in His presence… as if the finished work of the Son of the Creator of the universe was not enough!

(See, that’s what triggered me, when my Mom insisted on 2 Chronicles 7:14 only because these religious people said so)

And as if this wasn’t enough, I talk to my good brother from another mother – who happened to check in on me tonight, out of all nights. I talk to Jonas. We talk about so many awesome topics, and so many one-liners that are just so deep and hard-hitting. ‘Some people never start’; ‘There are more deals than there is money’…

We also talk about how the left hemisphere of our brains is for logic, and the right hemisphere is for creativity… Jonas goes further by introducing the ‘reactive’ mind (I forget the term he used, the paper I wrote on is upstairs) – this ‘brain’ is supposedly full of the thoughts that hold us back. Funny how he says that we need cojones – yes, he said cojones – to face this mind, as it is all that holds us back from what the left and right brains agree on.

First off, I confirm I get it by saying that that the left procures and produces the data, and the right (creative) mind converts it into usable information. I say to myself that this is right up my alley because it’s much like what Bobby Axelrod would say re: insider information – ‘The data is out there. We just know how to process it better.’ – And as I think about this, it takes more than what I thought was a cold-hearted processing mind, but an extremely creative mind as well to do so.

Never neglect the creative. Respect the creative by respecting the data, and vice versa. Work from this, and let the reactive mind, the one so bombarded by the lies of this reality,

About this reactive mind I clarify with him and say that in Christ’s finished work has left us renewed in all aspects including the mind. Therefore, even our ‘reactive’ mind is changed and made new, and any thoughts that hold us back are no longer from our bodies, but from the outside.

The solution to this onslaught of lies and deception? Delight yourself in the Lord. Because Christ’s finished work gives us the cojones that overrules any fears we may have in this world.

I tell you, I’m thankful to the Lord for wise counsel. I have Tita Nitz. I have Jonas. I have Dox. I have Jandel, even – Kid had the balls to tell me off last Friday. I should talk to these people more.

I go downstairs and tell Mom I talked to Jonas. Kind of told her that I wish my wife would be that way – 5 minutes into a conversation and we’re making billions of dollars worth of ideas. I was reminded that there was a time Pao was this woman for me.

And I was supposed to go to sleep, but I guess I needed to reboot the router, among other things.

HIGH: Talked to so many people. Talked to Tita Nitz and Jonas.
LOW: Lost my temper on Mom too much. JB, always remember that Mom is Mom and she is a blessing.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: See Above
  • Run: None, Shadow Boxing.
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 6974
  • Trades: 6 Trades from Telegram. Pending XAUUSD trades kicked off.
  • Worship songs: Lord I Lift Your Name On High, Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty, Glorify Thy Name

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • More Coursera Cybersecurity
  • uDemy Ethical Hacking
  • Security+
  • Mom to Market
  • Pastors Meeting

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • More Coursera Cybersecurity
  • More uDemy Ethical Hacking
  • More Security+
  • Data Science Project / Consider what you remember from Geopolitics?
  • Look up NAS tech, Punching Bag stand? – Is this the right time to spend? (cue demon emoji)
  • Post Good News
  • Post _jibee/FB – On thoughts today
  • Have tire checked?
  • Practice lineup
  • IBM Day Z?

Additional Thought: Conquer yourself, conquer the world.

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