Day 14

Jumped out of bed at around 8am this morning. I heard Manang turn the water valve on from the main road which meant the flow to our home was strong enough to sustain a shower. I thought I’d hop into one, but not before I did 100 pushups and 100 squats. The first 2 sets of 25 each were done on the pullup bar on the floor, making them a little on the incline. The third set of 25 pushups was with paralettes, and the fourth set, well, that was more of 25 burpees to hit 2 birds with 1 stone. Was pretty winded after that, but in my mind this was the perfect condition before a cold shower.

That shower was pretty intense. I’m still gasping on first contact, and I’m working on slow deep breathing in these conditions…. Just glad I was able to reclaim control as soon as I could. The water was cold for Baguio standards. I was able to sustain 30 deep breaths under the shower. That was 2 minutes under, more or less. After the shower I watered the wheatgrass and the coriander. Fun fact: Coriander is the plant itself, cilantro is another term for coriander leaf – or, at least, according to what I’ve read so far.

Soon after I dressed up, took my faithful NatGeo bag with my mobile kit downstairs, and before I started typing, I wrote on the notebook. Just wanted to get some of that out of the way.

After writing on the notebook I wrote on the Laptop. A little text on what I will be talking about later this evening. The point here is to get the people I will be meeting to identify what thoughts are holding them back, and what thoughts are keeping them going. This will build up towards the lesson of acknowledging their fears, but focusing on the Truth – in this case, that they are trained, and that they have help.

I also finished the Week 5 requirements for a Coursera Cybersecurity Course. Enrolled in the second to the last course for this Certificate, and it’s a Capstone, before the final ‘course’, which is more of an assessment.

Posted on Good News IG/FB. The afternoon was more of slacking… So I played Fallout, then proceeded to have lunch. Before lunch, I did a quick 2x 25 pushups to 25 squats. Leftover roast chicken and spring rolls over red rice, greens and mushrooms. Before this was guyabano, but after it was 2 slices of butter toasted bread and tea. Oh, and a half-guava jam sandwich. Also, cold taho.

After that, well, I don’t know. I remember thinking I should get some rest before the consultancy call, even if it was far from an all-nighter. So I went to bed (it was raining really hard) and stayed there till around 4:30. Not sure but I think i kind of slacked till 5:30, and then did some Cybersecurity course work. It was the Capstone, but this time for Cybersecurity. So I paid extra attention to the videos and started off on the activities.

Held off on Udemy’s ethical hacking course again. I really should get started on that. And on the Data Science projects. Those should keep on coming. I should find a good dataset to work on.

We worshiped: God Is Good, As We Gather, As The Deer. Mom wanted to do Communion so we did that really quick. After this I did a quick 3 sets: 10 Hammer Curl to Overhead Press 20lbs, 10 Goblet Squat 40lbs, 10 pushups to 10 mountain climbers.

Started the meeting at around 7:20. Long story short, it was good. I met some good kids with potential and I feel they were motivated with what I had to share. Excited to see them next week. Glad to have been paid to do something I like to do.

I pretty much slacked after this. Ate again. Manang took the leftover curry sauce and cooked another chicken with it. I added ras el hanout. It turned out good. Fallout 4 was being a bitch by not loading certain locations so I spent extra time there.

HIGH: Comms Meeting kicked off great. 2 courses left for another cert from Coursera.
LOW: Slacked in the afternoon but this is probably a call to do all my best work in the morning.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: See Above
  • Run: None
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 2897
  • Trades: None. There were some from Telegram but I didn’t bother. I think I need to rest and refresh. Been getting emotional. Pissed at that wrong trade costing me ~80 as I type this.
  • Worship songs: God Is Good, As We Gather, As The Deer.

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Coursera Cybersecurity
  • Security+
  • Data Science Project / Consider what you remember from Geopolitics?
  • Look up NAS tech, Punching Bag stand?

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • More Coursera Cybersecurity
  • uDemy Ethical Hacking
  • Security+
  • Data Science Project / Consider what you remember from Geopolitics?
  • Look up NAS tech, Punching Bag stand?
  • Mom to Market
  • Pastors Meeting

Additional Thought: Conquer yourself, conquer the world.

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