Overwhelming, Neverending

Last week I spoke on how the Life we have been given through the finished work of Christ is the spark for the purposes we conceive, and the fuel for the purposes we pursue. I spoke on how we used to be so proud about how we were the pioneers of the Purpose Driven Life here in Baguio, and now we ought to be aware of when it’s time to shift to Life that drives purpose. 

It is certainly not a season for us to paint over old wineskins and call them new. Tyler Durden so eloquently said, sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken. 

No, these are times for us to change more than how we look, but how we think. It’s ironic that we pride ourselves over changing our minds, when all we’re doing is focusing on showing people that we’re new – that’ll work for 2 seconds before people realize the makeup is still over the same pig. 

This is not a time for quick-fix leaders, who are out to use smoke and mirrors to show people what we are still working on. In this time and day, and especially during these days, actually, we’re seeing people for who they really are – by forcing all of us to wear masks we’ve inadvertently seen who’s really smiling. 

We’re seeing who are the war-time consiglieri, set apart from the headless chickens. And, to be perfectly honest, it’s fine to be a headless chicken, but it’s insulting to human intelligence to be completely clueless and fully convinced that you have all the answers at the same time. 

Unfortunately, these people still and always will exist. No fault of theirs. I’ve been one. In ways, I’m still one. Yet the only reason why I still exist in this place is (1) by the grace of God who holds me together in this world which has a million and one ways to tear me apart, and (2) by the everlasting love of Christ that shines ever so brightly upon me; and as I bask in this great and magnificent light of Truth, my being and existence is likened to a mirror which reflects this grace and this love of an eternal Creator, as much for this reality as it is for me. 

Such should be the stance of each and every person who identifies as a Christian – the Light we shine is an eternal glow which pierces through the eyes and into the soul of all who observe, far greater than any cosmetic we apply upon ourselves. 

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have lovingly enjoyed each other before the conception of time and the existence of space. This love is eternal – boundless and timeless, with no beginning or end. This is the love that Christ enjoyed even while He walked with us, a love that kept Him as He walked on water, a love that kept Him as He fed the multitudes. It was out of this everlasting love that He rebuked the scribes and Pharisees to their faces, and out of this everlasting love that He overturned the tables and drove the merchants away. 

This same love that kept Christ is the same love that drove Him to lay down His life for all of humanity, to reconcile creation to Creator: It was all because He knew He was loved, and this love was the only love that there was and is – a eternal, overflowing, and uncontainable love that just HAD to be shared! 

Friends, this is THE love. From life we have purpose, and from love we are passionate. Notice the subtlety which makes all the difference – everlasting life constructs and animates our purpose. Eternal love conceives and vitalizes our passion. From passion, we meet our purpose. From purpose, we confirm our passion. 

Christ is our everlasting life. Christ is our eternal love. 

He is the Rock on which we stand. He is the Victory, and from Him we conquer. 

Let us always remember this.  

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