Day 12

Let’s not make this a habit now. Writing about Day 12 on Day 13. Please expect another post from me tonight about today.

I have to say I’m surprised at how much more willing I am to put work on my character and community in Fallout 4 than I am in real life. Perhaps I could move things along by switching the productivity levels between fictional post-apocalyptic life and real apocalyptic life?

Now there’s a thought.

The PC has been moved back to the room. It’s funny. Last year, it was in the ground floor. For a couple of months, it was in the middle floor. Now, like a homecoming of sorts, it has made its way back to my bedroom, and I don’t think this is going to bode well. I can’t change my sleeping area, and now it seems there’s no better place to have this PC than here in the same said area. Perhaps I could move things along by making space in the apocalyptic rest of the house?

Until then, well, the bedroom has regained its title of being my command center, I guess. I should have more whiteboards and framed motivational quotes around here.

Oh, right. Yesterday. Well, I started the day off by tending to the plants and the room, as usual. Considering that my mom was having visitors over for lunch, I remember thinking, maybe I should get the rest of my routine done. Then I remembered (or, I assumed, more like) I don’t have much to do until Monday, so I just gave myself another reason to play Fallout 4. This was in between my wanting to do pullups – and I did, more than 100, split between 4 sets of 5 pullups to 5 lateral grip pullups, to 5 chinups. This was followed by 3 sets of 5 pullup knee ups to 3 lateral grip pullups to leg raises to 3 chinups to hanging scissors. Just to make sure I hit 100 or more, I did 2 sets of 5 on each side, 1-arm favoring lateral pullups.

I was doing the latter sets while playing Fallout. We already had our visitors downstairs but I paid no heed until they called to say that lunch was ready. When that happened I went ahead and spent time with my nephews and nieces – Jeff started to work out and was joined a prominent MMA gym here, but has been doing home workouts since the scam pandemic. K, A, and Olive wanted me to join them for another 21k run – I’m assuming they meant ‘hike’, but that was pretty solid of them. It was just good for my mom to have people over, better than just me and manang here, she enjoys company and thrives in it.

There were 2 of those pasta plates. Not pictured: carrot loaf and coffee

Our visitors tagged along as I headed out to meet my own group for my own meeting at 2pm. I made it there before 3, but not before dropping off my cousins and relatives off in town – there were 10 of us in the car and I’m thankful we didn’t get caught or anything. For the record we all had our masks and shields on, and there was proper airflow.

During my meeting, we talked about a possible list of songs to consider for the Anniversary gig on the 27th. Waymaker was definitely going to make it on the final list. My nephew Justin suggested pairing it with Another In The Fire. While brainstorming – who am I kidding, it was mostly yuks and meme exchange – we also thought of The Anchor and No Other Name (as homage to our late Senior Pastor), among other songs. Spent too long with them. We ended at around 5pm, and around that time the sky started to change colors. It was an ugly grey overcast, but suddenly the light broke through and we were getting signs of lightning from one side. I drove into position, only to be fogged out, captured in time lapse. Thought I’d capture a few more clip sets and call the compilation #FogYeah or something.

Soon as I got home I ate again. I was feeling tired again and wanted to turn in, but I guess this suddenly turned to another Fallout 4 session, which I extended with gusto till midnight. Not proud of it, but it had to be shared.


HIGH: Caught up with friends and relatives.
LOW: Fallout 4. Too much.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: See Above
  • Run: None
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 6621
  • Trades: None, weekend
  • Worship songs: None, I kind of figured the gathering covered that today.

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Meeting with the kids

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • Write on this Sunday’s message
  • Update Mentor for advice
  • uDemy Ethical Hacking
  • Coursera Cybersecurity
  • Sunday Service
  • Listen to Sunday Messages for extracts
  • Comms plan and send to Ms. A for tomorrow
  • Amazing Sunday Meeting (ugh)

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