Day 11

Lexie’s birthday? Also, just finished Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Fixed the bed and watered the wheatgrass and coriander first. 

September 11. It’s been 18 years since that tragedy, today. God bless America. 

Post-Workout Thoughts
 Thinking about Live, Love, and Lead at this time. It’s important that it’s in that order. We’ve been given life as a demonstration of love, and in that pattern, we lead, and in so doing, we live. . Holes in leadership are seen in a disconnect somewhere in that loop. Leading is about giving, in proportion to what you believe you’ve been given, and when you understand you’ve been given no less than life itself, well, as a result, your entire life is literally giving. 

Was it for any particular reason? No, friend, the reason you’ve been given everything is because you’ve been loved with everything. On the cross, Christ would not hold back everything in His being, because He loved you with everything. It was His choice and His commitment to give up everything. He moved, out of His love and His passion, from the truth of the Father’s everlasting love for Him. 

There certainly wasn’t time to look at all this in a vacuum – it wasn’t something for people to observe and then to consider later on – No, Christ, He lived, He moved, He had His being, and in His literal life, He was already literally leading. The omnipotent Christ certainly demonstrated His godliness in the realm of man by simply living, and people naturally saw, heard, observed… and in the presence of Light, the hearts of man were amplified. 

No corner left in the dark, our hopeless filth was revealed.

That’s leading, folks – You take the high ground and shine Christ, and people will either take in your perspective or utterly reject you. Either way, you’d be doing them a service. 

I’m typing the rest of this the next day. You’ll see why as you read. 

After the Insanity workout I decided to work with the bands and the dumbbells. 20lbs, 10 crossover curls on each side, to 10 shoulder presses. Hooked the band up around the pullup bar, and did 10 band pulls across the body on each side, to 10-15 face pulls. Took a bath after this.

Not quite sure what I did after the bath, but I’m guessing it was Fallout or I was looking up what to do for this coming Monday’s Zoom call. Eventually I did lunch at around 1pm, while watching Dragon Ball. 

Took 4 slices to take that 2-egg spread

We left the house at 2pm, and I dropped Mom and Manang off at the market. Headed right over to Good News where I set up in Pastor Terry’s desk, only to be told that I needed to move my car to give way for a jeep. This is where I compromised myself; I was already worn down by Insanity, and at this time I thought a cap was all I needed to protect myself from the rain. I got damp, and as I moved my car, unfortunately I needed to move it again because the space I moved it in wasn’t exactly ‘secure’ in the sense that some dude was claiming rights over it. Or whatever, I needed to move it to a park-friendly area. 

While waiting for Mom I was able to progress through the Coursera Cybersecurity lineup, and in the final week’s offerings I was led to play a little cybersecurity simulation which was in the form of a game. Cool stuff, but I wasn’t able to finish because Mom texted.

Had 2 of these before heading out. Little did I know this was going to be dinner.

I picked them up, dropped Mom off to buy roast chickens for her gathering the next day, while Manang and I went to get banana bread. I said I’d get extra so I can serve that during my own gathering the next day. We headed home, and it was around this time that I felt I was going down with something. The sun was setting beautifully and I wasn’t about to let a cold or eye strain keep me down so I took paracetamol and some vitamin C and lay down for roughly 15 minutes. 

Mom tagged along while I drove out to shoot. We went to one spot but I used the telephoto lens to get distinct perspectives. On the way home Mom thought it was a good idea to have the tires aired up.

Soon as we got home we worshiped, and I was able to join Mavin on his Zoom call. Here I got to know the leaders I will be working with, and I was also able to touch base with them and get a little on what they needed from me. All in all it’s looking like I’m going to definitely hit on their confidence more than the technical aspect of their communications. I’m looking to the Telephone Doctor for some initial resources I can build on. 

After the call, well, the head started hurting. I shut everything down, went to bed. 

HIGH: Got Insanity done, was able to get more data to use for Monday’s call. LOW: Headache.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: See Above
  • Run: None
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 6621
  • Trades: at least 4 from bot, 1 from Kosaka. Bad results today. Also, I’m trying to recoup what I can from the bad USDCHF bot trade. Will do better next week. 
  • Worship songs: Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord, The Spirit Of The Lord, Celebrate, Still. 

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Yesterday’s Tasks for today
    • Reach out RE: VA EST
    • Reach out to Dox re: WP
  • Mom to Market
  • More Coursera
  • Communicate plan for Comms. 
  • Sit in call with Mavin

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • Write on this Sunday’s message
  • Update Mentor for advice
  • uDemy Ethical Hacking
  • Coursera Cybersecurity
  • Meeting with the kids

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