Day 10

Sorry for the backlog. I thought I published this the time I made it. -JB

Woke up to a text from my Mom, she forgot to tell me something. We were to go out today at 10am to pick up some fig tree seedlings. Where she plans on planting entire trees is beyond me.

So I’m out of bed by 8am, and I tend to the plants and clean the room. I get a worship lineup ready for later. Forgot my Aloe Vera pill last night, but I didn’t forget this is when I up my Paraway dosage. Nothing but smooth sailing from here.

I did the Iron Wolf workout I usually do: 10 each of 1-pump, 2 pump, 3 pump burpees, then Navy Seals, then 5 pump burpees. Followed this up with the AX 6-Pack Promise. I was supposed to take a bath but I figured I’m still going to be doing some (tree) lifting so I’ll save that for later. Though a cold bath wont hurt… Or hell, I’ll do that when I get home. Coffee while waiting for Mom to get ready.

Picked Auntie Carol up, and went to Trinidad. Glad we had parking while Mom and Auntie and new Auntie had coffee. When that was done we dropped Auntie Carol off in town and headed back home, just before it started to rain. I cooked chicken curry and had that for lunch. Dragonball while watching. Did Coursera Cybersecurity after that. Finished around 4:30, I slacked till around 5.

Was really tempted to take dessert. Opted for coffee instead.

2nd workout, 2 sets of Athlean DB Cardio. Cold bath, and then headed out to shoot. Note to self: The sun sets earlier these days, and the Marcos Highway spot isn’t a prime spot to see it until it disappears.

Got back home around 6:30, went ahead and worshiped: Lord I Lift Your Name On High, Power Of Your Love, All The Heavens (Mom insists on singing All The Nations lol). I set up Zoom for our 8pm meeting with the Afternoon Worship Team, and I was looking at the website of the company I was going to do consultancy work with. About that, it can’t be helped – before the work there has to be consultancy, damn it. I’ll have to set the right expectations to my client, and soon.

Forgot to mention I had this for ‘dinner’ – protein and grass powder. I call it swamp water.

About the meeting, here are my notes:


  • Glad to see everyone is okay and blessed.
  • We will be doing live worship this coming September 27, the set date for our anniversary.
  • Current Series Theme is Life, Love, Lead. Anniversary Message is centered on Legacy and most likely giving homage to Ptr O.
  • Considering the guidelines of the pandemic we may stick to an acoustic-type lineup. Brent will produce the final lineup next week.

Questions (Please share):

  • What are songs that you would like to suggest?
  • What are songs that the Lord has ministered to you with during this pandemic?

Just did some chatting with people up until now. It was either that or I was trading. Might turn in early tonight.

HIGH: Got routine done faster, considering Mom needed to be out of the house earlier. Worked out and got more course work done.
LOW: Apparently my transparency is as much a liability as it is an asset.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: See Above
  • Run: None
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 2203, Definitely need to do cardio tomorrow.
  • Trades: at least 7 from Telegram, 4 from Kosaka. Mixed results today.
  • Worship songs: Lord I Lift Your Name On High, Power Of Your Love, All The Heavens

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Plan Zoom/Group Call with the Afternoon Worship Team

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • Yesterday’s Tasks for today
    • Write on this Sunday’s message
    • uDemy Ethical Hacking
    • Reach out RE: VA EST
      • Update Mentor for advice
    • Reach out to Dox re: WP
  • Mom to Market
  • More Coursera
  • Communicate plan for Comms.
  • Sit in call with Mavin

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