Day 3

Writing this on the morning of September 4. I have no excuses. Or, you decide if September 3 itself was an excuse as a whole. And I have to make this quick because I need to be somewhere very soon.

Yesterday was worse. I got out of bed around 10. Played Fallout until 11.

Left the house to deliver my tripod to Andrei at his Dad’s wake. They needed the tripod for live coverage for mass. Did 2 Randonautica quests while I was out. 1 led me to Tacay, the other one led me to Laperal at Session. (NOTE: I have pictures for all of this but I am posting this on the fly. Again, in a rush here).

Tended to the plants, and cleaned my room. Played Fallout 4. Again.

Workout was 3 sets with the 20lb vest on: 3 pull ups, 3 lateral pull ups to 2 jump-assisted pull ups, then 2 jump-assisted lateral pull ups. 15 decline pike pushups, 10 side kickthroughs, 10 stance squats. This was followed by 2 sets without the vest: 6 pull ups to 6 lateral pull ups to 4 jump-assisted pull ups, then 4 jump-assisted lateral pull ups. 20 kickthrough push ups, to 10 steam engines.

Pilaf approves!
Dad calls Tuyo, ‘Filipino Ham’.

Took a bath and shaved. Had my (supposedly) daily meal. Played Fallout 4 yet again. I was telling myself I was going to resume work later in the evening. I went out to shoot at around 6pm, didn’t really see much but I guess I needed the drive. I came back home, and Jopet calls. I’m invited to a birthday celebration. We worship here at home: We’re Together Again, Kay Buti Ng Diyos, I Stand In Awe, Great Is The Lord.

I go to the birthday party, which ended around 10pm. Took Abby and some of her friends home. Came home and settled in.

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Bring Tripod for Andrei to borrow.
  • Follow up with Mavin re: Webcam performance. Also talk to him re: Friday meeting.
  • Post on Good News for this Sunday’s message – while I’m at it, I should really start giving my own feedback to the ‘creative’ team. Don’t forget to tag the pastors in our posts.
  • Coursera Data Science and Cybersecurity progression.
  • Sunday Message progression. I had some good stuff in the old noggin a while back but I need to draw it all out.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: See above
  • Run: No time
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps:
  • Trades: 3 from Telegram group. 1 from Kosaka
  • Article: 500+ word, see below
  • Worship songs: See above

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • Andrei’s Dad’s burial mass
  • Meet Ptr Rey for a haircut
  • Meet with Mavin before meeting in Kisad

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