Day 2

I don’t know, it looks like every day past Monday gets worse. I got out of bed at 9:30 this morning. This was after I thought I did pretty well last night, sleeping at around 12. Or was that 1? At any rate, I want to get this done so I’m up in bed and sleeping earlier tonight. 

Apparently it’s good that I set my goals the night before and then killing them the next day. That’s exactly what happened, even with the small amount of time I left myself to work with. So small that I wasn’t able to do a Randonautica quest today, but Nate Bower comes to the rescue with his 10-minute shadow boxing routine to cover for my daily workout. Top that off with a One-Punch-Man style workout and the 6-Pack Challenge, and I’m good. 

That’s as close as a nude as I’ll be posting on this site

I was able to get some more work into the Coursera Final Project; I said I would use the Support Vector Machine but it’s looking more like Logistic Regression for me. This way the machine will be able to tell probabilities instead of explicitly determining severity code. Sorry for the Jargon, but I do plan on posting my findings on LinkedIn, because, well, that’s where those sorts of blogs go, apparently. 

Did good for lunch today. Started with rambutan and a mango. Followed by a main of Broccoli, Tofu/Sprout/Tomato Stir Fry, and an Avocado. The only negligible items were leftover chicken masala on top of a bed of what amounted to a cup of leftover Chinese fried rice. 

Nice looking plates

There was guinataan. I had some of that. But I was telling myself and everyone at home that I will be going really serious with what I eat after I get all the leftovers consumed. I miss the feeling of a reset meal – that feeling where you think you like the processed sugar and carbs, and then find out it’s not as good as you thought, and you’re actually looking for greens instead. I watched Dragon Ball and Yojimbo while eating. 

Shortly after lunch, I brought Mom to RESCOM, the Orchidarium, and to the Market. I took a dump (lol) at Good News, and was able to throw in 3 trades sent to me via Telegram. Picked Mom up, went to the Cathedral for her to check out the organic veggie store. Drove home after. 

I rested a little. It was 5:30ish and I was already looking to go to bed. So I finished Yojimbo while having singkamas with vinegar and patis (TIP: peel it and then use a potato peeler to cut really thin strips that’ll soak up more of the said sauces). Finally have scheduled Tweets for the entire September. Maybe I should go through October as well. We worshiped before I headed off to Baguio Memorial Chapel at around 8pm to see Andrei and his Dad. Hung out till curfew time, got home around 10:30. 

And here I am, just wrapping this all up before I head up. See below for a running through on what I have planned on sharing this coming Sunday. 

Oh, I can’t end today without sharing what an acquaintance shared. So apparently I’m not just a Taurus but a Virgo/Pisces something. I don’t know, she asked me about my birth date and time and all that – yes, I shared this data to a stranger… But I guess, as she pointed out, I’m too trusting. I won’t go into more details but what really got me in this conversation, enough for me to share, is that I never talked about religion or my beliefs in any way as we spoke, but her ‘findings’ reminded her of Jesus. 

Thought to myself, in Frank Barone’s best voice – Holy Crap. It’s yet another episode of ‘I can see in you the glory of the King’. This light we all have as Christians cannot be hidden – In fact, I believe it comes out even more when we actually just.. live. 

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, and His mercies never come to an end. What a good and faithful God we have, who is with us and who never leaves nor forsakes us. Because of Christ and His finished work we have been reconciled with the Father, we have therefore been saved from sin, death and the grave. 

I give thanks to God for everything that He has done for me, I give thanks to God for everything He does for me, everything that I have in Christ, everything that I am because of Christ. He is the reason for my being, and He is the Being that gives me reason. He gives me Purpose, He IS my Purpose. He is everything. 

What with everything going on in this world it is easy for me to tear myself apart with purposes I come up with for myself. At this particular moment it is the struggle, the illusion of getting everything done at once that is leaving me frustrated and unproductive. And I am not exempt from outside influences; My problem with the outside is that I see the purposes of others as contrary to my own visions, if any. 

And there lies another perspective which allows me to get into the root of the matter. Because of these outside and inside pressures, I am in a mindset which demands that my vision be superior to any others. It must influence, and not be influenced. A subtle tinge of pride, which I look at not with condemnation, but from the perspective of productivity – in other words, I don’t like it because it’s a ‘bad’ thing; I don’t like it because it’s unproductive. 

My Savior, my Shepherd loves me and loves with with an everlasting love which stays, no matter what I think of my own vision. At this moment I remember, I bring into the remembrance the fact, the Truth that without Him I wouldn’t even have any capabilities to have a vision in the first place. Christ has given me sight, and therefore I have a vision. He does not leave me alone to figure things out and to have my own delusions separate from Him, for anything apart from Him is delusion. 

I cannot be driven by resentment. I cannot be driven by insecurity. I cannot be forever directed and motivated and inspired by limited worldviews. These, and so much more, including hatred and anger against myself, these feelings (NOTE: Not the people themselves) are all demanding my attention… and all these attempts at distraction are reminders, not for me to focus on Christ primarily, but for me to remember that even in this confusion and chaos… Christ is always, ALWAYS focused on me. 

How focused is He? Well, this is Christ. 

This is Christ, who is my eternal Provision, no matter how much or how little I have. This is Christ, who is my Victory, no matter if I win or lose. This is Christ, who has Healed me, no matter what I feel in my physical body, in my mind and in my emotions. This is Christ, who is my Power, no matter how strong or weak I feel. This is Christ, who is my Righteousness, no matter how ‘good’ or ‘evil’ I am at any given moment.This is Christ, who is my Holiness, no matter where I am and who I am with. 

No vision is division. A man divided cannot stand, much less hope to make others stand. 

HIGH: Instagram conversation with T.P. A.k.a. ‘Fame’; I should write about it more.

LOW: Being mean to Mom. Seriously, that shit has to stop. Remember how you are loved, to love. 

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Add YT Sermons to Website
  • Update Pastor lineup on Website
  • Start outlining Sunday Message – Kind of, see above
  • FB Hour
  • Tag Pastors in FB Page. Schedule posts, physical services in particular.
  • Progress on Coursera Data Science and Cybersecurity
  • Insanity for workout? – See workout below.
  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: 10 Minute Shadow Boxing, 100 pushups to 100 squats, 6 pack challenge.
  • Run: No time
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 4383
  • Trades: 3 from Telegram group.
  • Article: 500+ word, see below
  • Worship songs: I Love To Be In Your Presence, Made Me Glad, Shout To The Lord

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • Bring Tripod for Andrei to borrow. 
  • Follow up with Mavin re: Webcam performance. Also talk to him re: Friday meeting. 
  • Post on Good News for this Sunday’s message – while I’m at it, I should really start giving my  own feedback to the ‘creative’ team. Don’t forget to tag the pastors in our posts.
  • Coursera Data Science and Cybersecurity progression. 
  • Sunday Message progression. I had some good stuff in the old noggin a while back but I need to draw it all out.

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