Day 4

I have roughly 25 minutes to go before I get on a Zoom call with a potential client who will be paying me for 1 hour a week to address the communications issues of their company’s agents. Until that time I have decided to go ahead and type.

I would like to take this opportunity to write about what I will be talking about this Sunday, regarding living life with a purpose. The thoughts that have been going through my head ever since this theme was introduced to me have been circling around how Christ gave us sight; by sight we have vision, and through vision we see our passion, and our purpose.

Obviously the VPP (Vision-Passion-Purpose) principle was taken from my time in Sitel, and it’s been something that’s been with me ever since. But it means something more to me now, especially considering that without Christ, we would be in the dark as to determining what our passions and what our purposes are.

In Christ is Life, and this Life truly is the light of men.

By Christ’s finished work we have established that we are alive, and by this everlasting Life we see the Light.

Our series on the names of God have had us understand, and not just understand but be astounded and amazed by the finished work of Christ – for we have seen how Christ was the Ram that took Isaac’s place on the altar.

Christ was the literal banner of Victory, whose arms were permanently raised on the cross in absolute victory over death.

Christ is the branch from the root of Jesse, descendant of the tribe of David who has ruled as king and dealt wisely. By Him we are safe and secure, and because of this we can say that He is our righteousness.

Christ was the tree of life thrown into the bitter stream of Marra, which not only healed the waters, but made them sweet. The healing that we have in Christ is absolute and infinitely beyond what we can perceive as restoration, to the point that we can say that the Lord is our Healer, even in the final breaths of our physical bodies.

On that token, we also say that by Christ’s finished work, we are absolutely, completely sanctified, beyond what we can perceive as holiness, to the point that we can say that the Lord is our sanctification, even if we make mistakes in this reality.

Putting all this truth into consideration, we can marvel at the rest of the Word which elaborates even more on how we have been saved. Phrases such as those concerning our ‘seeing the Light’ are taken into a whole new level when we consider how Christ has saved us, not according to our demands, but by His eternally superior terms.

The same can be said about how Christ is the Author and Finisher of our Faith. The Word says that without faith it is impossible to please God, and while the rest of the world can go ahead and debate on how our faith has to be strong by the power of our might and works, it may literally save our lives to understand that the faith that we have was written in the blood of the Lamb of God who has taken away the sins of the world.

This faith has us understanding who Christ is in us, and who we are in Christ. By Christ we have sight, and by vision we see passion, and realize our purpose.

This is one perspective to my message this coming Sunday. I intend to construct more before I deliver the message.

Now, apparently, it takes an early-morning event for me to get out of bed early.

Such was the case this morning, as I dragged myself out of bed and right into the computer to type my heart out while I waited for the water to boil. And I was typing my heart out because, as you can see, I held off on writing the night before. Add in the pressure of having to pick up a friend before even getting to the actual event.

The father of a good friend passed away, and I just have to say to one and all, appreciate your parents and value them and love them while you can. That’s all I’ll say on the matter.

So that was pretty much my entire morning as we went back and forth and eventually ended up in the crematorium where we made sure our friend was all good before parting ways. I was able to refuse the packed breakfast they offered. I gave the reason that I didn’t usually eat in the morning… but around 11, when I was offered another packed meal of Good Taste rice, well, I went ahead and ‘appreciated’ it.

Love in a microwaveable container

I got home at around 12. Took a cold bath. I felt tired so I tried to nap. Ended up just lying down but that was okay. I took another cold bath, and I brought my mom to the market at around 2:30.

While waiting for her I went to Pastor Rey to have my hair cut. When that was done I headed to Good News for a bit. Talked to Mavin about the call later that evening, and then proceeded to pick Mom up from the market.

Soon as I get home I eat again. Watched Dragon Ball. Didn’t think of working out anymore, this was around 5pm and I was thinking I’d eat, work out, and then take the call I talked about, but I ended up just resting a little bit more.

Not in picture: Guinataan with added Kamote

While waiting for the call, as you can see, I wrote what I had in mind for this coming Sunday. Again, I will be writing more tomorrow.

2 priorities tomorrow: Get my message solid, and get my Data Science project back on track.

Speaking of projects, I’m in on that work opportunity. I will be doing comms consultancy for a starting BPO for a humble price, which is why I’ve been led to see this venture as a project, and as all projects go, these are stepping stones to better things. Always better things. Onward and upward, real-time, real-life manifestations of God’s mercies which are new every single morning.

HIGH: Started the Comms Project
LOW: Slacked off again today.

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: Slacked
  • Run: Slacked
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Deep clean tomorrow
  • Steps: 4042
  • Trades: 3 from Telegram group. 2 from Kosaka
  • Article: 500+ word, see below
  • Worship songs: None today

Yesterday’s Tasks:

  • Andrei’s Dad’s burial mass
  • Meet Ptr Rey for a haircut
  • Meet with Mavin before meeting in Kisad

Tomorrow’s Tasks:

  • Mom’s lunch, maybe coffee with Ptr Rey and Ronnie?
  • Meet the youth
  • Meet with Mavin and Jopet?
  • Further enhance routine. Progression on Data Science and Sunday Message Projects (see below).

Additional Thought: I need to put a routine together to get done every morning, and then think of seeing self-work as projects, giving time for what the rest of the world needs from me, while considering how they tie in with my projects.

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