Day 1

Didn’t start off particularly well today. The alarm was still set to 7:30, but this time I got out of bed at around 9. And instead of getting into things, I went ahead and thought it was a better idea for me to test my guns and to hunt down hostiles in the Fallout 4 open world.

What’s good though, is that all throughout the gaming I was being bombarded by thoughts to the sound of pressure; ‘Are you really going to keep on playing?’ ‘Isn’t there something you should be doing?’, and so on. So that got me logging out by 10am, and I went ahead and tended to my plants. The final tray of barley grass was still looking a little over-watered so I let it be for now, in its place to soak up some sun. The coriander, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying that I’m not spraying water anymore… more like straight up pouring it all into the pot. As soon as the water streams out from the bottom they’ll be set until the next morning. I hope to see some seeds from them in the coming days. 

Leads me to thinking, there’s a lot of space on that makeshift hanging garden for more herbs. What’ll it be next, I wonder? 

I mentioned the final tray of barley grass, only because we started to use the powders I got from Lazada – Barley and Wheat grass powder. Mom said it tasted like they added milk, and I have to agree – I suppose the powder is that rich? Anyway, some of that stuff made its way to my pre-workout Unimate shot this morning. I went ahead and did some cleaning here in the sala while waiting for all that good herbal stuff to kick in.

Felt like taking on a Randonautica quest today, and this time I was led to the Bakakeng-Balacbac circumferential road – the forested area close to the Bakakeng area, to be precise. Long story short, I was able to get close, and I would have actually went to the precise spot, if not for people, potential witnesses – I stuck out, I wasn’t from the place, and one old man in particular looked like he was watching out for anyone who would trespass into the woods. He was a good deterrent, but for me, the Private Property sign was enough. Believe me, I know the trouble behind having a sign like that put up. You just don’t want people there. Squatters, trippy people, and worse.

That’s pretty much as close as I’ll get to that spot

On the way back I thought I’d do the Iron Wolf 10-Minute Burpee Challenge with the 20lb vest on. I took it off after the 2-pump Burpee sequence. Maybe next time I’ll finish the actual course with the vest on all that time. I followed this up with another Dumbbell session, 3 sets, 5 Renegade Rows (25lbs), 5 single-arm Tripod Rows (40 lbs), and 10 Upright (?) Rows (25lbs); then, 3 sets, 5 Crossovers (40lbs), 5 Farmers Carries (25lbs), and 5 Shrugs (25lbs).

By the way, all this time, I was listening to Andrew Farley on Relationships, and then Joseph Prince on his take on Resting in Christ, and Dwelling in Him. 

Took a breather, and I decided to post on Omniscapes. Then I finally took a bath and dressed up, before having a meal. Manang cooked a good mix of sprouts, tomatoes, and tofu; I took this and some ground beef we cooked with leftover takeaway curry sauce, topped it on a mix of egg, ampalaya, and red rice. Pretty proud of myself, I only had one heaping bowl this time. Finished it off with 2 bananas, and then coconut water and flesh. I watched an episode of Dragonball while eating.

I should probably go back to eating on a plate

It was market day, so we drove off. We waited on Mom to buy health supplements, and my nephew to bring us our share of fruits from the province. Once that was all sorted out, I dropped them off to go to the Market, while I went on to Good News to keep working on the final project for the Coursera Data Science certification. Ran into a bug, but I’m sure I’ll get that fixed before my deadline. 

Speaking of deadlines, I really should be sleeping early and waking up early to get stuff done. I can’t afford to gamble with time in the afternoon when people usually ask for help or reach out. 

I picked mom and Manang up. We tried checking if the Cathedral organic vegetable store was open but the gate to parking was closed. Headed home. 

I’m not sure but I think I snuck in some Fallout again, and I had me a mango and a guyabano that Mom insisted I ate, after I had a GR-2 shake. Forgot to take pictures of those. We worshiped because I thought I was going to go out to see Andrei at Baguio Memorial. He didn’t reach out. While waiting I was able to set up scheduled Tweets, and I’ll try finishing that off tomorrow. 

  • Paraway/Aloe Vera: Done
  • Workout: Done
  • Run: ~4.5km, 
  • Food: Recorded
  • Plants: Done
  • Room/Sala: Cleaned
  • Steps: 8461
  • Trades: 3 from Telegram group.
  • Article: 500 words, more or less.
  • Worship songs: My Life Is In You Lord, For The Lord Is My Tower, Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord, Here I Am To Worship, At The Cross

For Tomorrow:

  • Add YT Sermons to Website
  • Update Pastor lineup on Website
  • Start outlining Sunday Message
  • FB Hour
  • Tag Pastors in FB Page. Schedule posts, physical services in particular.
  • Progress on Coursera Data Science and Cybersecurity
  • Insanity for workout? 

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