Give Up The Ghost.

If someone doesn’t want to be found, if someone doesn’t want to interact, don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your emotions. Don’t waste your energy. Don’t waste your resources.

From one perspective, you dodged a bullet. No matter how precious you may think this person is, consider that you dodged a precious bullet.

From another perspective, if you truly honored and appreciated them, then one way of doing it now is certainly by respecting their decision, and trusting that they made the best decision they thought at the time. They could be wrong, yes, but how is it any different from you being patient with their shortcomings in better circumstances?

From yet another perspective, this is an opportunity for you to learn. Convert that self-pity into introspection, and commit to doing better the next time around – to these people, if fates allow them to come back under the radar, or, to other people you find, or interact with.

If anything, expend all your energy in prayer, in however form it comes out. Know that your prayers are never in vain.

You are heard, and you are loved.

I pray we find strength and peace in these turbulent times.

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