ReCreation – Celebrating The New

I seek interaction. I seek the sharing and sharpening of perspectives. I seek to teach and therefore to learn.

However, the old mindset which sows fear, it tells me to naturally avoid conflict. To yield in order to appease. To compromise in order to maintain the status quo.

Is this really the case? Is it necessary to hold back on sharing, just so there could be peace?

Perhaps there is the problem. I am holding back, but not for the presence of peace, but for the absence of conflict. I believe it is possible to share anywhere, anyplace, out of the overflow of peace, and not out of the fear of conflict. That is possible. Now, I am also reminded of the possibility of, oftentimes, sharing without words.

This is why we create. We create to communicate how the Creator, out of love, created us. We create to communicate. We create for the sake of creating. We create out of honor, and as a homage to our Creator – an overflow, and not out of lack.

To further clarify, we do not create to consume, nor do we create out of fear of our Creator. No, this same Creator who reconciled us, who gave us free pass and the boldness to approach His throne of grace, is the same Creator who, out of this love, inspires us to exude life out of our very being – not because of our works, but because of Christ’s finished work.

We have been created, once separated, now renewed and reconciled by the Creator. Being a new creation, we create.

Going deeper, let us consider that our very existence is a celebration of our being a new creation, and as such, every moment we spend in this reality is an interaction: An interaction of light in the darkness, a city shining on a hill upon all seen and unseen. The Life we live is indeed, the light of men.

I dare say it goes beyond anything our paltry minds could craft on our own. We certainly can construct out of our own brilliant minds, the mind a creation as it is, but when we make it more about our own actions and words, we miss the point. We’re back in the Garden of Eden, listening to the serpent’s lies about how we can be like God, when the whole point was for us to enjoy God in union with Him.

This is why I am in conflict with today’s message. It clearly states that we have the power and authority. Indeed, I agree with what Christ said when He said what all power and authority has been given to Him. I believe in what we called the Great Commission. I believe in His words to the disciples – that He told them to heal the sick, to set the captives free, and to cast out demons, and such. I believe in the great works that our brothers who have seen and touched Christ have done after Pentecost.

But, in spite of all this, I believe much more in how Christ’s finished work and the absolute union we have in Him is far superior to the works that we do. Christ’s birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension? This is the starting point! This is where is all began, and this is where we all ought to set our gaze upon, NOT on what we could possibly do after this beautiful act of love!

In homage to the generations who have gone before me, who have made more mistakes than I have, who have seen much more than I have – I honor your perspectives.

In homage to the generations before me, who do have much more to learn, but certainly have more courage and energy than I ever had – I honor your vigor.

Out of great love and respect to all, and to myself, I say, as I have said countless times in the past – believe in Christ, and His finished work. Keep on believing in Christ, and His finished work. As His mercies are new every morning, you will certainly see brand new perspectives of the eternal lover of your soul, each and every single day.

This is probably out of my love for watching a series again and again and again. You’ve honored me by allowing me to share my perspective to you. I am excited to see your perspectives as well, and in so doing, we come as a church to celebrate Christ as one – not conformed, but combined. A community celebrating its part as the body of Christ.

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