The Voice

The VoiceMarch 29 & 30, 2016

Christ, our Lord, all praise is Yours. Indeed, this is the focal point of Psalm 29, where shortly after the Psalmist declares that the Lord is worthy of all the praise, He places emphasis on how the voice of the Lord is a voice of authority, a voice of power, a voice of sovereignty, a voice of life.

This is a voice that breaks the cedars – take note, that the Psalmist uses ‘breaks’. We chop trees, or we pull them to bring them down. I’m not sure I know if cedars are stronger than narra, but I do know that they are strong. The voice of the Lord not only cuts through and/or tears down trees, but strong cedars. To literally break fibrous, dense living matter takes a significantly great power.

This same voice that breaks the cedars, and again breaks them, also causes the land to shake as bucking bulls. Now, we shouldn’t be surprised. This is the same voice of the Lord, that causes light to come forth at His command. This is the same voice of the Lord, that brought the universe into being. He created it all with His voice…

…And what came forth from His voice, He saw it was all good. What He says is good, is good indeed. For this, again, we praise Him.

By His command, by His voice we are brought to remembering how He is faithful and true to us in all circumstances. All of God’s moves were executed with Him thinking about each and every one of us, with an everlasting love.

Remember the voice that spoke to Moses through the burning bush, the voice that spoke to Jeremiah, assuring him that he was chosen before he was born, the voice that spoke to Abraham to offer Isaac in Mount Moriah – Remember this voice, and understand that this was a voice that spoke with absolute power and authority, but it was also a voice that spoke, resonating the Father’s heart of God that demonstrates an everlasting love, so deep and wide.

Remember the voice that spoke after the fire and the storm, the still, small voice to spoke to Elijah; this same voice that spoke a loving rebuke that changed the course of Saul’s life forever, that he would become Paul.

This voice of love and power, full of grace and truth, speaks to us now, saying, ‘Behold, I am coming soon!’

“Behold, I am making all things new.”

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