When all I see is disappointment, when all I see is hope, dashed – I must take a step back until I see beyond the frustration, and until I see a lesson to be learned.


When where I am is draining me more than encouraging me, when where I am is proving to be more of a liability – I must take a step away to where I am refreshed.

All this stepping involves me moving. Literally, flying. I’m typing this right now, barely awake. Contemplation is apparently enhanced by moving in and out of consciousness.

Through all this contemplation, I tell myself (and a friend who happened to be free at the time), I’ll sleep when i’m



My friend responds, isn’t that the goal in the greater scheme of life?

To which I respond, I’m already symbolically ‘airborne’ (because Jesus) so I can sleep, literally and symbolically, anytime.

‘But the ticket to the trip may take awhile.’

‘Oh no Jesus is the ticket. He’s also the plane…

..sht dude, He’s the trip.’

In my best hippie voice – Christ is the trip, man.

In enumerating all the disappointment and all the new opportunities which have slammed down like a tidal wave in a matter of weeks, I am walking the line between fascination and confusion. While we constantly run the risk of overanalysis I am reminded of the truth of the matter – that whether sht is really going down, or I’m just making a big deal of all of it…

‘Sht dude, He’s the trip.’

And so the stepping shifts to flying… and in all this, I am tripping.

Held in the arms of an everlasting Father, right here, right now.

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