Random Tweetables/Sharables

Know your tongue by speaking first, and focusing on the ears second.

Prioritize solutions over comfort. Understand that comfort itself may be the solution.

Christian: Your business reflects your ministry, and your ministry reflects your business. You will eventually realize there are no borders in between.

Discipleship is the simple passing on of knowledge. It’s the overflow of your being, another form of love.

You could only go so far with just one body.

What makes you angry is what makes you passionate. Understand the potential and the energy behind these two.

We bear light beyond our senses. We bear life beyond our capacity. Indescribable, and uncontainable, indeed.

Fear has to be replaced by His miracle working power – it doesn’t even have to be healing leprosy, or multiplying bread, or outright human resurrection. How about a smile? A smile from you, one with the Creator of the Universe?

Understand the prevalence of the mindset of religiosity, which puts all the pressure and all the weight of work on you.

You may ‘step out of His will’, but know He will never step away from You. Not even possible.

His presence extracts my humility. And humility is one of the greatest assets we can have in our lives. To view humility more than just a value, but an actual asset, that just blew me away.

My failings point to His forgiveness. His forgiveness draws out the failings He paid for, and we are further captivated by the absolute wonder of His love.

‘Breathe on my weakness’ – but what else did God breathe into? The dirt. Neutral. We only call it weakness.

My own pictures tell me I need to get the hell out.

Nakakatanga / napatanga ako sa galing ng Panginoon.

In our search for title and position, we lose time, space, and sanity.

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