Thoughts From Down South

What have I learned about this trip to Mindanao?

I’ve seen up front, that being an action man is ideal, but there is the possibility of being too much of an action man that you’re impulsive and imposing.

I’ve seen up front, how, indeed, there is no such thing as a bad team, only bad leaders. And take note, when two good leaders try to push their weight around, then that is a bad situation, resulting in a bad team. Or well, one that will become bad over time.

I’ve seen how it is essential to the formation of our own message to speak to more people, more often. Case in point: the Mindanao pastors, and the Mindanao congregation. The Pastors enjoyed what I had to share, and in turn, I learned a lot through the challenge of taking this message to the children and the congregation of one of our churches in a remote village with circumstances and situations totally different from those I am used to facing.

For one thing, there is a benefit from saying your message again and again, but there are certain insights to be gained when speaking WITH another language TO people who don’t have English as a primary language. I’m led to believe certain unlit parts of the brain come to life when these things happen, and really, everyone wins.

There ought to be no contest in determining if miscommunication is worse than no communication, because both are common in that they bring great damage to any sort of relationship.

I could keep going, but that’s all I recall. That’s probably enough.

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