Thoughts From BGC

I used to say, people who elaborate on the phrase ‘less is more’ are funny.

Then again, maybe they’re doing it for themselves.

You just happen to be listening.

From the boondocks to the boulevards.

Through all of this I see you need to step into the thick of the action to support your idea of the big picture. Sometimes going micro is as important in supplementing your macro.

Besides the obvious clout to be gained from being in the mission field instead of merely talking about it, there is knowledge to be gathered. As I mentioned during my short time in Mindanao, you certainly can learn a lot sharing a message in another language to people whose base language is different from yours.

In my short time in Manila I have learned how it is important to know as much details as possible surrounding a trade before executing it. Previous activity, current news, immediate movement, and so much more play a factor in analysis, so much more than just looking at one chart and making a move.

Through these examples, I see that going micro is great for gathering data. A closer look into things also gives us reasons to make our decisions on a larger scale.

As a final and painful exclamation point, I have also realized how a correct approach on going micro doesn’t keep us there, but rather, has us appreciating our mindset on the macro.

Without going through personal detail, I have seen how the beginning of life can become the death of hope. The energy from this exchange causes me to appreciate how, from a broader point of view, a page break signifies the start of a new chapter.

Pain naturally accompanies the end of a chapter, or the death of hope. Personally, it has me naturally stepping further than a perspective of positive thinking. By perfect grace, through pain perceived as excruciating, I am brought into a space of overwhelming stillness and peace, in the embrace of a perfect and everlasting love.

Watch this space, people. There are leaps, there a bounds, but all is moving forward.

‘You win some, you lose some, but the outcome is always income.’

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